Tuesday, February 15, 2011

obligatory valentines day post

this title is a joke, WHO HAS TIME FOR VALENTINE'S DAY?

with school and working doubletime at firebirds, i couldn't even fathom planning anything around this one day. We talked and completely agreed on the fact that we just couldn't spend valentines together, it wasn't going to work out.

i know this sounds like a manipulative plotline for the girl who wants a diamond ring, the guy thinks he really got away without a valentine's present and both end up unhappy, but i was completely fine with letting this day go by without stress.

honestly, at this time of year, relieving stress is the best gift either one of us could give the other.

the 14th was simplicity at its best. we met up for yogurt in between a full day of work and then school, it was cute, he brought me cookies and a tub of frosting to dip them in!
i got to wear my roomie's heart cardigan to work, and everyone at firebirds was in a great mood, considering the night we were in for. Everything during the dinner shift went smoothly and i got off in time to drive to the boys house for the remainder of their Vday mixxxxer. Klay and i had to retire to his room because we had so much homework but the 4 minutes i had to converse with everyone put a big smile on my face. its so nice to have friends close! we cuddled in bed while he did his outline and i watched supersize me and wrote a paper on it.
(incase you were wondering that movie didn't change my opinion on anything, i don't know why. i remember the first time i watched it, i just craved a double cheese burger so lo and behold i got me one!)

then we got to take a break, eat left over queso and talk with the roomies & olivia (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW IF YOU READ THIS!) and margo. overall valentines was a simple, yet extremely productive day!

I love my Valentine, but i don't think anything positive or negative revolving around valentines should... exist, really . i just don't get the holiday. oh well.

when it comes down to it, i'm honestly so very thankful for a relationship in which my love grows for significant other exponentially day by day, not christmas valentines birthday or extravagant date night. those days are nice, but its looking over at him over our homemade spaghetti or doing homework on a friday night together that makes me see spending the rest of my days with him possible. its so simple and so natural! i can literally feel it waking up every morning, getting that sweet sweet "Good morning baby, i love you so much! thank you for ___. i hope you have a great day!" text and falling in love with my boyfriend that much deeeper.
its sappy and gross and sweet i understand you got enough of that yesterday (i know i did, if i had another red vine i was going to throw up. i woke up dizzy on a sugar hangover this morning, i did nooot know this was possible!) but i had to elaborate on my feelings the day after.
babe i'm so excited for california at the end of this month! we're going to have a blast, and i'm really looking forward to us getting away for a minute.

thank you to everyone who made yesterday a special day, not because it was a holiday or because you were lookin' for lovin', but because you're my friends and my family and i love you all!

This also reminds me:


i love you so much, thank you for everything! more on this when we actually get to celebrate her birthday as a family! we all have the busiest, conflicting schedules but we make it work <3

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