Monday, February 21, 2011

not so juicy

soo i didn't update because the juicing was going just about identical to the 2 days before... until saturday morning, i plugged in my juicer and... nothing. its dead. i was so upset! i had actually run to wells fargo/starbucks/safeway that morning and i had completely, accidentally, cleaned out my wallet of all its receipts.
i drove baack over to starbucks and dumpster dived my way to the bottom where my walmart receipt is. it was so nice, the barista took the trash, put it in a cart and gave me gloves so she could help me look through it for my receipt! people are good.

today i have the day off for presidents day so here i am, dreading my to-do list for the day.
return my juicer.
return a shirt to urban, its too big.
return a shirt to h&m, it is also too big.
(i'm terrrible at shopping)
eat really healthy because you'll be on the beach in 6 days.
buy klay a present ;) done!
figure out a tone in my hair.

klay's getting me to go RUNNING tonight, what whaaat?

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