Saturday, February 5, 2011

hold it against me

i'm far more interested in my blog than i am in facebook these days. its just so much easier to post on fb, i wish i had a better mobile access to blogger.

anyhow, here i am yet again craving a shuffle in my daily norm, today i'm thinking i'll tint my hair purple. i've been meaning to do it for a while. its a very subtle change, but i have a feeling that i'll really appreciate the way it looks in the sunshine.

obviously thats not a good example of subtle, but i love her locks. i'll post a picture later when i actually do it! i'll probably dye it tomorrow.
bold purple peekaboos + a barely there all-over purple tint to the blackness.

this week/weekend has been grand! school is going swimmingly, i even achieved an A on my first biology quiz! i've stayed up to date with my homework and have been working hard at the Bird for my weekly cash flow. I finally took my first day off in a whiiiile and spent the day with klay today! we went to the science center for body worlds and had a great time :)

then of course we had carolina's, a dirty-but-authentic around-the-corner mexican food restaurant that makes filiburtos look like mi amigos in comparison hehh, but the food is so good! i wouldn't be lying if i said i have had enourmus amounts of candy and yogurtland atleast once a day for the past week...

my mouth says yes, but my body says NO.
my poor bod... if only i could stick to eating well for more than a week.
no, honestly thats a habit that i need to break. its really unhealthy to stick with one thing for a week and go the completely opposite direction the next.

do you have any tips on maintaining a healthy balance when it comes to your diet?
binging on junk food is a terrible habit that i need to break.

incase you were about to say anything along the lines of "but you're so skinny" please take into consideration the fact that if i didn't act consciously about the way i consumed food, i would have never lost the weight that i did and would probably weigh atleast twice that now! i'm not looking to lose anything, i'm just searching for a balance.

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