Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 day

so we all know i love food...
all of which are tasty, but not exactly necessary food groups... should be a "once in a while thing", but its more like an "every day, twice a day, especially at night" kind of habit.
its just that too, a habit. or an addiction, depending on how you want to look at it.
i don't NEED or even really want to eat a whole package of redvines and a peanut butter twix every night on my way home from work. i just always do.

i always get "how if you eat like this, do you get to stay so skinny?!" well if anything, i know my body. through all the diets i had to go on, keeping a log of everything i ate, etc. i know how my body reacts to most foods, positive, neutral and negative. i usually try to revolve around the "neutral" reactions, too lazy to work hard and move in either direction but i've become fed. up. with some of my habits. i've become tired and weighed down trying to keep up with myself.

one thing i usually give myself a pat on the back for is that i stay away from most sugar, aside from in candy. i drink diet soda, have no sugar added in my yogurt, use crystal light in my smoothies, it saves calories! yet, in the back of my mind i've always known that artificial sweeteners aren't good for you. i tried to stop drinking diet soda/carbonated drinks but that just reminded me that i am addicted to monster and had to find my "fix" a different way. i don't wanna do it anymore! i read up on artificial sweeteners and they are SO bad! so bad. i'm completely turned off.

i crave raw food, i can't handle any more of anything processed before i get control of my consumption. and in that case, more of a treat than a repeat meal.

i honestly want to start working out soon as well. like, seriously working out. i can't drink caffiene or soda or have anything of that sort. i have to eat healthy food that will nourish me and give me the strength it'll take for me to build a healthy body. I need to drink water. i need to have energy, not from a caffeinated drink.

something i've been thinking about lately is purchasing a juicer. after getting feedback from some of my friends, i finally got one! i love it already:

i made some juice trying it out/preparing for my busy school day tomorrow and its really really good! i put so many different types of fruits and veggies through it

i'm so excited! i looked up cleanses online and they recommend a 10 day cleanse to everyone who's capable of doing it. i'm up for the challenge! a lot of people do it to rid themselves of addictions to food and addictions to caffeine, both of which i suffer with. its cleansing for the body and mind, i've done a few before and i've quite literally never felt better! this will prepare my body for an extremely healthy diet when i start working out rigorously.

if anyone's interested, i'll prooobably keep a detailed juicing blog for the next ten days (16th-26th) to keep me on track. xoxo

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  1. I LOVE juicers! I'm asking for one for my B-day.