Wednesday, February 16, 2011


alriiiight, here we go!

day one. as i talked about last night, i was so excited to try out my new juicer, i juiced pretty much every fruit and vegetable i could find.

its so cool! its quiet and thorough, and while its not fun to clean, its manageable.

i put the half gallon of juice into a pitcher and into the fridge around midnight last night. i woke up early for school at eight and took a red cup full of it to school. while the fresh juice was extremely refreshing, the grapefruit was OVERPOWERING. i know the benefits of grapefruit and i have alot from klay's mom... i don't even mind the taste of it, but i can't just drink grapefruit tasting juice all the time. what i'm thinking i'll do is to juice a grapefruit or two separately so that i can just take a shot of that and then have different juice through out the day. i don't want to miss out on or waste the grapefruit!

i'll probably end up juicing more tonight, so i'll add to this.

ps i want to try cucumbers.

eh it's now. 10pm and I'm boreddddddd. I rely on food for entertainment like you wouldn't imagine hah it's not good.
Earlier I was feel in a little weak and I had a serving of peanut butter, like I will when I'm tired normally. Not ideal but you gotta do whatchya gotta do! I also grabbed a naked juice when I couldn't go home and juice, I think that was a good choice. They're expensive but contain so much fruit it's absurd! I work & hardly make it home in time for meals so I will juice ahead but I think naked is my best on the run alternative.

I'm thinking about adding nuts after the 3rd day. I need protein to keep up with my lifestyle.

Tomorrow I'm doing a recommended concentrated fruit/veg cleanse that I got at hi health. I also purchased coconut juice which I've heard great things about!


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