Thursday, December 24, 2009


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3 things i need that i will not be recieving for christmas so shall buy for myself:

pointy-toed flats from f21
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a nice watch
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to reward myself for taking my piercing out... and i've wanted this one for soooo long.
someday soon!

2 dwarf/ teacup bunny babiessss <3
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come onnn, i already have a hut, bunny foooood, sawdust, a food bowl, a water bottle and the names picked out!
does anyone know someone who breeds them around here?

ps. good news! i don't need to worry about a new years dress, because i bought the perfect one today.
and pajama shorts!
i love christmas shopping.

mmm, christmas eve is almost over, i've gotten everything done that i need to,
so bring on the 2 hrs and 15 minutes til christmas!

holiday season!


best friend

my love

i've managed to accomplish everything christmas related that i wished to and more. i paid off my credit card, organized and set up my school schedule for next semester, worked a good amount and am planning a snowboarding trip for a few days after new years! i also got to spend a good amount of time with my family, klay's family and my good friends.
man, my life is beautiful <3

christmastime oh nine, you've treated me quite nicely.

you always have my attention.

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i wish i could, but i can't.

i wish i would, but i won't.
say what you will, but know that this was never easy on me.
now you know the truth, you know what i've been asking for all along.
i've known the truth, and it remains the same but now i know what i truly need.
i've made my decision, you should have made yours.
it doesn't change how things were, it changes how things will be.
and thats all there is left to say.

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i would never request love from someone whom i'd expect to hate me forever.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i'll never sing along

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and i know that it’s complicated, but i’m a loser in love so baby, raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts of all my wrecked up friends. i’ll never talk again, oh boy you’ve left me speechless.
if i promise to you boy, that i’ll never talk again, and i’ll never love again... i’ll never write a song, won’t even sing along?
some men may follow me but you choose “death and company.”
why you so speechless?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

lost and found

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i. would. just. die. if i ever got one of these <3

i've been so MIA lately, but i'm not apologizing.
3 cheers for self improvement.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

love love love love love

words can't begin to explain <3

Thursday, December 10, 2009

and its you <3

ah, the semester is almost over! i'm ecstatic. as of two days ago, i wasn't even remotely excited because of how hard i've slacked since about october... yeah, it was bad. i had no idea how i was going to pick it up and keep going but i can honestly say it made me appreciate being in school and the benefits of financial aid more than i ever would have otherwise. i got everything figured out and i'm set to retake a really important class next semester. i honestly feel that it will benefit me in the future.
i'm so happpppy!
if there's one thing i hate more than major set backs, its minor setbacks.
i mean this is all aspects of my life right now. i know i have the strength to overcome them though, so i'll keep trudging alot until i make it passed.

i took my english final today, which i did not, nor did i expect to, do well on but i passed the class! i know the shtuff, i just despise english classes that don't pertain directly to writing. from here on out, until 2010, i am only required to attend two more class periods, both medical terminology. i definitely, definitely still have my woman card (we have those right? like men have their man cards?) when i passed my med term quiz on the female reproductive system today, 100%
look at me, studyin' awaaay
i just crack that class up with my ways to remember the word parts. i wont even go in to anything medical but here's an example:

"metr/o = metro park = scottsdale mall = the other day at sd mall, there was a bunch of overdrressed girls resembling lady gaga= LADY gaga = ladies have a uterus
so metr/o = uterus."

on my favorite note:
i'm obsessed with this photo, on the background of my phone it looks absolutely dreamy baahaha
even i'm jealous of us!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

color me blue, i'm lost in you.

what a beautiful time of year.

oh, i like how you make me feel.
i'm a little scared to hold you close, cause i just might never, ever let you go.
caught up in your smile, i'm happy as a child,
but i'm still drowning, drowning in your love.
bring me flowers and talk for hours and ohh i like youuu.
And ohh i like how you make me feel.

this month has been, and will continue to be, soo enjoyable.
peaceful, but hectic
relaxing, yet exciting
quiet, while excrutiatingly loud...
oh christmas time, nothing could compare.

Monday, December 7, 2009

and & and

unfortunately, whilst cleaning out my accord this morning, i realized that i have not one pair of sunglasses in my console. this next part will probably come as no surprise to any of you, but good news is, i also realized that i have some how accumulated not one, two, three but 4 pairs of fake perscription glasses, or "smart glasses" as we call them.
included in these is a pair with no lenses that i specifically used while hot tubing, which completely eliminated the issue of fogged lenses.
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blind composition

i'm writing without photos today, but only because i'm at the coffee shop, waiting until i can go to diversion... woot. last night, i saw the movie "spread" starring ashton kutcher and it really intrigued me. how he did it (other than just being good ol' AK) i'll never know, but he wore suspenders the entire time (disclaimer: i was definitely covering my eyes every time he had meaningless sex so dont quote me. i am not sure whether he was or was not wearing suspenders at the time of fornication), and even when he was homeless he looked exquisite.

side note: the other day, i may or may not have been watching seaseme street and "exquisite" was the word of the day. now every time i use it, i feel as though i'm 5 years old.

pennyways, back to spread, i've never heard of it or seen previews as far as i know but it was a goood, good movie. the sound track is to die for, you may purchase it for me for christmas.

i am so happy right now. maybe its the holidays, maybe is the weather, the fact that i've been sleeping in a ton and eating large amounts *this shall be further addressed in a minute* or that things are just plain wonderful but i'm not complaining!

about this overeating fling, though...
we're just not working out. it was fun while it lasted but i'd like to still fit into my winter attire. eating healthy starts today.
oh, and i've said this a good 3 or 4 times these past few weeks so luckily i got all my false starts out of my system haha. i know myself toooo well. just gotta take it slow and accordingly and everything will turn out alright!

i'm not going to lie, this whole "no photo" thing is getting to me. expect far too many in my next post.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

futbol americano

i must must must learn how to watch and understand a football game.
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we are aaaalways watching football, but all petty "good-girlfriend" motives aside, i really truly feel as though i would benefit from this knowledge. how often is football on the big screen and how often do i choose to just not pay attention? haha i honestly might as well be watching a sermon in german for all i understand. i'm pretty sure that the closest i get to recognizing the rules and regulations of football, is seeing large men in football uniforms, carrying the ball across a field and assuming that they are probably playing a game. i don't know what nights games are on, what is a recap, what is professional teams vs college teams, the point system, the penalties, the drama, the strategy, nothing.
i am clueless.
and i don't like it.

good news is, i've been trying to figure out what to get klay for christmas, and when i was roaming around window shopping today, i was unexpectedly inspired by sooomething ;] ohhh, the poor baby. so not patient when it comes to surprises but you'll just have to wait! love you, darling. i'm excited!

tonight, my father, kenna and i are mobbin' to IKEA to get some ideas for decorating my room. i've thought a little bit about it and i hate to admit this but it will come to no surprise that the color i'm leaning towards is nothing other than a dark gray haha.

charcoal, gray, grey, light black, dirty white, i don't care. i love gray.
this chair rocks... bahaha.
are. you. kidding. me? if anyone in the world had to pick a couch that was specifically made for me, Keisha Voorhees, to spend $300 on (ouch) and never (maybe) look back with regret, it would be this one. in the display at the urbo on mill, they have this pillow with it:
dear goodness gracious, grant me this couch.

okay, realistically, don't. 300 is so much for such a little, graybeautifulsoftperfectwonderful, couch... but seriously.

as for an accent color, i may have been unprofessionally swayed by the fact that i'm wearing a jacket this color,
(so comfortable.)
but i am leaning towards a champagne/peach/heather red color.
then when i pick out a wallpaper patern for my accent wall, i can find something affordable along the lines of this:
(NOT affordable at

mmm and last, but not least, you knoww that i cant get enough of monogramed "K" items so hopefully this
its gray, it works!

alright, i will let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

hello, december.

i adore the idea of you and all the events you entail.

ps if you see newww york this time of year, tell her i misss her.

i need to obtain:

spiritual experiences

only to better myself, of course.

everything is absolutely splendid!