Thursday, December 3, 2009

futbol americano

i must must must learn how to watch and understand a football game.
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we are aaaalways watching football, but all petty "good-girlfriend" motives aside, i really truly feel as though i would benefit from this knowledge. how often is football on the big screen and how often do i choose to just not pay attention? haha i honestly might as well be watching a sermon in german for all i understand. i'm pretty sure that the closest i get to recognizing the rules and regulations of football, is seeing large men in football uniforms, carrying the ball across a field and assuming that they are probably playing a game. i don't know what nights games are on, what is a recap, what is professional teams vs college teams, the point system, the penalties, the drama, the strategy, nothing.
i am clueless.
and i don't like it.

good news is, i've been trying to figure out what to get klay for christmas, and when i was roaming around window shopping today, i was unexpectedly inspired by sooomething ;] ohhh, the poor baby. so not patient when it comes to surprises but you'll just have to wait! love you, darling. i'm excited!

tonight, my father, kenna and i are mobbin' to IKEA to get some ideas for decorating my room. i've thought a little bit about it and i hate to admit this but it will come to no surprise that the color i'm leaning towards is nothing other than a dark gray haha.

charcoal, gray, grey, light black, dirty white, i don't care. i love gray.
this chair rocks... bahaha.
are. you. kidding. me? if anyone in the world had to pick a couch that was specifically made for me, Keisha Voorhees, to spend $300 on (ouch) and never (maybe) look back with regret, it would be this one. in the display at the urbo on mill, they have this pillow with it:
dear goodness gracious, grant me this couch.

okay, realistically, don't. 300 is so much for such a little, graybeautifulsoftperfectwonderful, couch... but seriously.

as for an accent color, i may have been unprofessionally swayed by the fact that i'm wearing a jacket this color,
(so comfortable.)
but i am leaning towards a champagne/peach/heather red color.
then when i pick out a wallpaper patern for my accent wall, i can find something affordable along the lines of this:
(NOT affordable at

mmm and last, but not least, you knoww that i cant get enough of monogramed "K" items so hopefully this
its gray, it works!

alright, i will let you know how it goes.

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