Monday, December 7, 2009

blind composition

i'm writing without photos today, but only because i'm at the coffee shop, waiting until i can go to diversion... woot. last night, i saw the movie "spread" starring ashton kutcher and it really intrigued me. how he did it (other than just being good ol' AK) i'll never know, but he wore suspenders the entire time (disclaimer: i was definitely covering my eyes every time he had meaningless sex so dont quote me. i am not sure whether he was or was not wearing suspenders at the time of fornication), and even when he was homeless he looked exquisite.

side note: the other day, i may or may not have been watching seaseme street and "exquisite" was the word of the day. now every time i use it, i feel as though i'm 5 years old.

pennyways, back to spread, i've never heard of it or seen previews as far as i know but it was a goood, good movie. the sound track is to die for, you may purchase it for me for christmas.

i am so happy right now. maybe its the holidays, maybe is the weather, the fact that i've been sleeping in a ton and eating large amounts *this shall be further addressed in a minute* or that things are just plain wonderful but i'm not complaining!

about this overeating fling, though...
we're just not working out. it was fun while it lasted but i'd like to still fit into my winter attire. eating healthy starts today.
oh, and i've said this a good 3 or 4 times these past few weeks so luckily i got all my false starts out of my system haha. i know myself toooo well. just gotta take it slow and accordingly and everything will turn out alright!

i'm not going to lie, this whole "no photo" thing is getting to me. expect far too many in my next post.

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