Thursday, September 23, 2010


as always, i'm continuing my "healthy eating" kick, but in a new way, so here goes day one number 1,209.

i'm trying really hard to stay on track, and suprizingly its getting easier. usually with a diet, you start out stoked to stick with it and lose weight, but by the second week (or, for me, 2 hours in to it) you're drained, bored and craving like mad. welp, this isn't a diet in the first place because the only thing i'm restricting are foods specifically bad for me. foods that will weigh me down and negatively affect my daily life. i'm a busy busy girl, and i need the energy to get through my daily grind. i really can't afford to be sluggish and lazy. especially at work. i refuuuse to eat lunch there on my shift because i become EXHAUSTED for the second half of my day. i don't mean a little behind, i mean like eyes closing, nodding off etc. our food is so so good but its heavy and perfect for eating right before you head to bed hahaha.

all this aside, i just love how eating healthy makes me feel. i don't think many people realize just how affected they are by the things they eat! i love that i have a rather broad knowledge on the subject from losing weight in my younger years and i'm thankful for the fact that i now know my body so well, that i can have that leeway that allows me to indulge without setting me back.

this is what i had for breakfast today:

it was deliciouuus.

egg white omlet on try toast with salsa, fresh spinach and fresh cut mushrooms.

i wish that i could go into a career dealing with either nutrition or culinary arts but i have absolutely NO desire to complete the schooling that it takes to get into that industry. i have thought about teaming up with someone and opening a cafe or something. i don't know, i just know alot about food and i LOVE to eat, so i feel like iknow what goes good together.

like right now i'm eating high fiber strawberry and cream oatmeal with 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt.
its heaven. i just thought of it on my way home from school because i'm already so hungry.

SO good and less than 180 calories, but it fills you up like crazy.

i'm excited for tomorrow! i get to go hiking with Klay's wonderful mommma and his ADORABLE nephew Karson! up at 6 am is totally worth it to hang out with these two, they're definitely some of my favorite people ever!
i don't know where we're going or anything of that nature but i'll be sure to snap some photographs of the hike and the little guy!

i can't believe its almost fall!
in about 1 month you can find klay and i riding our bicycles all around every where because we love them, but its been soo hot since we bought them in july, we've only been able to ride them 2x.
klaybear, i am going to ride my bicycle to your house every day, that can be my fitness routine because i'm not too good at the gym... just kidding! we can do both!
but really. i'm riding my bicycle to your house. or you can meet me half way!

i love how in shape i get during the winter so that i can show it off in all my layers, baggy sweaters, jeans, boots and scarves...! not.

ps lovin' these! getting them todaaay:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

just married

everyone is getting hitched!

but seriously i love weddings. weddings, receptions, everything marriage related.
i'm so glad Kody (Klay's brother) is married! he is so happy, and i'm extremely happy for him.
it was so fun to be so close to an LDS wedding! i'm 19, LDS and not married yet, and i still had alot of questions about the whole process so i'm thankful for the oportunity i had to be up close and personal with Ashley and Kody's. It was just a good time in general.

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i keep saying i want this for my engagement ring (when it happens! i'm not holding my breath. ye-e-et.) but i don't know if i'm thaaat nontraditional. they have the option for it in platinum *as seen above* with a wedding band that looks like :
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and i currently have it in silver. it means so much to me, but as i said i don't know if i could stray that far from the beaten path.
just a thought.

special delivery for kaitlyn williams wright:

there's so many things on my to-do list right now. everything from washing my hair (everyone at work thinks i'm nuts for putting that down on my lengthy weekly to-do lists but when you're only washing your hair like once a week, a girl can forget!) to taking my vitamins, to going to school.... which i'm the worst at.

i seriously haven't been to school in ____ days. i'm not going to fill that in because i'm beyonddd embarrassed of what a slacker i've been. so unmotivated and i DON'T KNOW WHY. probably because i'm human so i cherish money and instant gratification so i'd rather work than go to school. which is stupid, i'm smarter than that. but i'm so happy! and soo capable of fitting school into my schedule.

so maybe i'll make a virtual to-do list and that will help me because its so darn public, i just can't slack off.


-go to school

-save your money

-contradicting buuut buy cute scarves and cardigans @ h&m to stock up for winter

-take your fish oil pills and your face medication every daaay!

-get your hair trimmed

-take off your acrylics (omg, so much over growth, my nails grow WAY too fast, i'd have to get them filled every week for it to be worth 30 bucks)

-go to the gym 5x a week

-eat healthy (i am doing better! no more fast food)

-write this all down because you'll forget and it makes you feel good to cross things off!

-clean your car

-do your laundry (sorry aub! i'm so embarrassed by how its piling up)

-read and pray every day/night

-wash your hair

i am proud of what i have accomplished though

-landed a great job that i love, work hard for my money and am definitely paid off for it!

-saved alot of money lately, but was able to treat myself to nice things like a new watch and summm klothez.

-took off sundays @ work so i can definitely make it to church!

-prioritzed and decided some things for my future.

alright, in just a minute i'm going to get a head start on that.


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if you're looking for a great new place to take a date, business meeting, or on a family outting, try Firebirds. i'm serious, i had never been there before i applied, but i can't imagine going out to eat anywhere else haha. their food is SO good. traditional with a twist, so you're not taking too much of a risk. we have a really high level of customer service and the atmosphere is just devine.

gooooogle it and look at their website

Thursday, September 9, 2010

thiiiis girl!

sticking to my healthy eating, and staying active.
i feel 100x better than i did just a week ago. i'll keep this upppp!

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i absolutely LOVE this.
the power of positivity isn't a new concept in my life, persay. its definitely something i've overused withint the past year and a half in order to... keep living, but i've been trying soo hard to stay overly positive these days. not only positive, but to keep in mind all the millions of blessings i recieve on a daily basis. i've been trying to be less controlling, and taking things as they come, finding the positive in every situation. i love how happy i've made myself. i love not relying on "good luck" to make me smile. i love waking up every morning with a smile on my face, and have it returning multiple times during the day for, seemingly, no reason at all. i have SO much going for me in my life, i am literally one of the luckiest people i know and i would be crazy to think differently.
i love my job, family, gospel, boyfriend, friends, roommates, living arangements, daily going-ons, eeeverything.

anyways, i wish i could explain more, but friends is on and i can't concentrate for the life of me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

have it your way

making up for it.

today was so much fun!
i worked this morning like i always doo, made some $$$ but then i got a chance to relax at my apartment. i watched the break up (i'm such a sucker for this movie! it breaks my heart every time, but yet i keep coming back to it.) i lounged around, placed the beautiful flowers klay got for me for my birthday in their vase. they're dried now, so i cleaned them up a bit, and i LOVE the fact that i still get to wake up to them every morning...... as i did when they were alive.... hahahaha
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bad quality, but beautiful daisies (my favorite) and gorgeous red roses.

when Klay got out of class, he called me and told me to come outside because he had a surprise for mee :) sure enoughhh, my favorite... i seriously eat bk every day without fail and have done so for about a month now.
hence, the pound or two i've gained... i mean it could be worse and i just love it so much
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& fries. lots of fries. with ranch.
i love that he knows things like this about me, and brings me food when i've been lounging around all day, too lazy to get me some burgers.
he's the sweetest boyfriend <3

we then went to his apartment that he recently moved in to with the markham boys and sterling hastings. we watched the office. and spongebob. and something about deadly prisoners. i'm just glad that he's all moved in. he loves it! and i love that he loves it :) the boys are super nice and i'm so glad that he found the oportunity to live with kids his age, we love friends!

we left around 8 to go grocery shopping, and didn't get finished until almost 10:30! haha we love to grocery shop, we go sooo often the people at fry's know us by name, i'm just sure of it! i got a lot of food that will help me to eat healthy because my bk burger + energy drink diet is literally going to kill me. i got poweraid zero and granola bars and cottage cheese and string cheese and water jugs and fruits! and some things for school. mmmm i love grocery shopping with klay, we have so much fun doing simple things like that, it makes me extremely happy :)

i love you, klaaaybear. thank you for today and for helping me bring all my groceries in and the trash out and making sure i was safe i just love you so much :)

bad habit

i know its a terrible habit, one that i need to break oh so badly, but i LOVE blue monsters. and sugar free redbull. i love energy drinks in general.
i look forward to every morning because thats my excuse to have one.
klay and i wait til they go on sale at fry's and stock up like mad!
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i put them on ice and mmm... i KNOW! i'm terrible.

overeaters anonymous

i'm bored, i eat.
i need to keep myself busy and break this habit, its too expensive... not to mention less than flattering on my hips.

i want to start my exercise routine again, or atleast start walking every day.
soo many thoughts on my mind.

you're my best friend

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i want these bridesmaid dresses, i really really want them!
obviously a little higher in the back, but i'm in love. these are the colors i've already picked out for the wedding i'm having... the one that doesn't exist yet! other than in my mind.
thats gotta count for something, though... am i right?

so, so much has happened lately. i don't even recall the last time i've posted.
i've moved out with some amazing girls from my ward!

started a new job @ Firebirds Woodfire Grill in Chandler
(seriously GO THERE. on a date. its delicious.)

and about a week ago, i began my second year at Gateway Community College.

i bought this yesterday!
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love it.

i have a lot of important changes to make in my life, and i'm ready to do so.
not exactly changes, but moderate improvements. i hoenstly feel like there is always so much room for self improvement in my life, inside and out and i love to set goals, meet them, make more goals and strive to reach them as well.
yep, now you're all caught up and i'm ready to go!