Thursday, September 9, 2010

thiiiis girl!

sticking to my healthy eating, and staying active.
i feel 100x better than i did just a week ago. i'll keep this upppp!

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i absolutely LOVE this.
the power of positivity isn't a new concept in my life, persay. its definitely something i've overused withint the past year and a half in order to... keep living, but i've been trying soo hard to stay overly positive these days. not only positive, but to keep in mind all the millions of blessings i recieve on a daily basis. i've been trying to be less controlling, and taking things as they come, finding the positive in every situation. i love how happy i've made myself. i love not relying on "good luck" to make me smile. i love waking up every morning with a smile on my face, and have it returning multiple times during the day for, seemingly, no reason at all. i have SO much going for me in my life, i am literally one of the luckiest people i know and i would be crazy to think differently.
i love my job, family, gospel, boyfriend, friends, roommates, living arangements, daily going-ons, eeeverything.

anyways, i wish i could explain more, but friends is on and i can't concentrate for the life of me.

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