Thursday, September 2, 2010

have it your way

making up for it.

today was so much fun!
i worked this morning like i always doo, made some $$$ but then i got a chance to relax at my apartment. i watched the break up (i'm such a sucker for this movie! it breaks my heart every time, but yet i keep coming back to it.) i lounged around, placed the beautiful flowers klay got for me for my birthday in their vase. they're dried now, so i cleaned them up a bit, and i LOVE the fact that i still get to wake up to them every morning...... as i did when they were alive.... hahahaha
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bad quality, but beautiful daisies (my favorite) and gorgeous red roses.

when Klay got out of class, he called me and told me to come outside because he had a surprise for mee :) sure enoughhh, my favorite... i seriously eat bk every day without fail and have done so for about a month now.
hence, the pound or two i've gained... i mean it could be worse and i just love it so much
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& fries. lots of fries. with ranch.
i love that he knows things like this about me, and brings me food when i've been lounging around all day, too lazy to get me some burgers.
he's the sweetest boyfriend <3

we then went to his apartment that he recently moved in to with the markham boys and sterling hastings. we watched the office. and spongebob. and something about deadly prisoners. i'm just glad that he's all moved in. he loves it! and i love that he loves it :) the boys are super nice and i'm so glad that he found the oportunity to live with kids his age, we love friends!

we left around 8 to go grocery shopping, and didn't get finished until almost 10:30! haha we love to grocery shop, we go sooo often the people at fry's know us by name, i'm just sure of it! i got a lot of food that will help me to eat healthy because my bk burger + energy drink diet is literally going to kill me. i got poweraid zero and granola bars and cottage cheese and string cheese and water jugs and fruits! and some things for school. mmmm i love grocery shopping with klay, we have so much fun doing simple things like that, it makes me extremely happy :)

i love you, klaaaybear. thank you for today and for helping me bring all my groceries in and the trash out and making sure i was safe i just love you so much :)

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