Wednesday, September 22, 2010

just married

everyone is getting hitched!

but seriously i love weddings. weddings, receptions, everything marriage related.
i'm so glad Kody (Klay's brother) is married! he is so happy, and i'm extremely happy for him.
it was so fun to be so close to an LDS wedding! i'm 19, LDS and not married yet, and i still had alot of questions about the whole process so i'm thankful for the oportunity i had to be up close and personal with Ashley and Kody's. It was just a good time in general.

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i keep saying i want this for my engagement ring (when it happens! i'm not holding my breath. ye-e-et.) but i don't know if i'm thaaat nontraditional. they have the option for it in platinum *as seen above* with a wedding band that looks like :
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and i currently have it in silver. it means so much to me, but as i said i don't know if i could stray that far from the beaten path.
just a thought.

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