Sunday, January 23, 2011


so i'm thinking of joining an adult swim team... awkward? kind of, but i think i would really really enjoy that haha. swimming has always been my work out of choice, even over running. i know there's a year-round swim team at the Y! i'm definitely interested.

i've been eating so healthy this week.
today i made proooobably the best smoothie i've ever had.
i'm not afraid to say that i cook to my own tastes (for the most part) but i will vouch for the fact that if you strive to eat healthy, you'll appreciate this smoothie:

1/2 banana
1/2 orange
3 tablespoons ground flaxseed (hi health, 6.99)
1/2 cup ice
1/2 cup almond milk

it had a fruity, almost nutty taste to it and i was absolutely in love with every last drop. almond milk was a very good choice. i never drink reg milk so buying it is a waste, i never do. almond milk keeps longer though and it mixes so well in everything.
*as a side note, i LOVE my tumbler, it makes taking my smoothie to-go such a better option. plus if you know me at all, you know i'm ALWAYS drinking and ALWAYS through a straw.

ah! decorated with stickers and everything. i love my little wells fargo tumbler.

i've never been one for fashion posts... i love to lurk them and i love nice clothes but when it comes down to it i spend most of my days in either work clothes or pj's. i could never keep up with fashion posts.
i do, embarrassingly, take pictures of almost everything i eat such as:

angel hair pasta + meatballs made from scratch
(before i had decided to eat healthy...)

and then grilled veggies last night.
(much healthier)
i really want to do a recipe/meal idea a day. if i can keep up with it. the days i'm stuck at work i'm boring and eat food i shouldn't.

Monday, January 17, 2011


can't seem to tear myself away from the computer today.
lately, i've felt a constant need to fill my mind with motivation & i do find a lot of my motivation from the things that i view on the internet.

anyways, i'm honestly just writing this to end my hours-long computer endevour. i feel like i need that one final post, one final picture scan on before i can get some shut eye. i remember an old post secret i once saved that said
"i stay up late on the computer searching for answers about myself"
and i can honestly say that quote still pertains to me 100 percent.

most of all, i would like to remind myself that its okay to stand your ground. its okay to dig your heels in and be a little stubborn at times. all options explored, you know what you truly want. you know that you never want to look back, not sure if you did everything possible to obtain it.
at this point, things may be completely one sided but if that doesn't change,
you will.
put your pride aside, obtain patience (its a virtue) and be true to yourself.
stay strong, babygirl.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

best i eva had

speaking of silly sick days....

i love my very very best friend! we've been besties since birth/aka about the time we graduated from gilbert high school (i know, i can't believe that was less than two years ago either. yikes @ high school!) my life has changed more in those two years than it did it the previous 10. she knows me and mY sToRy bettta than any one else ever could.
we're so different. we probably couldn't be more different now that i think about it, but we're 100% all the things best friends should be. i can count on her for anything from an emergency clothes-borrow to a late night run to buffalo wild wings. i know every best friend pair thinks that they are the funniest... BUT WE LITERALLY ARE. its hard for me to write this blog because as well as we have each other/us figured out, its not something i'd like to share in black and white, thats the fun of being makenna & keisha.

i love my best friend she's the strongest, sexiest sheila out there and you know it too.

i love you makenna faythe dale, best friends FOREVER & EVA!
i'm sorry this took eons for me to post, but how much can i really say? we just R what we R
just kidding everyone, if there's one thing you should know about us, its that we HATE ke$ha. that is all.

public service announcement

can i just say that i love my hair dark?
i like to have that in writing because i feel like the back and forth going on in my mind is caused by the instances where people say "i liked your hair better blonde" or you should go back blonde.

i can't stand it!
its not that easy.
its nowhere near that easy!
picture via silly sick day with my best friend

blonde was fun while it lasted, and my natural hair is blonde but that doesn't mean i haven't spent the last 6 years of my life damaging my hair with bleach.
all this aside, i love my hair dark. its so long, its so healthy and it makes me look how i feel..

i'm keeping it this way until i have little blonde babies in years and years and years! xo



i just... am.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

project MLK weekend

so school starts next wednesday for me, i am actually very very excited!
but silly me thought it started monday, turns out its a holiday yada yada yada.
SO, here's the thing:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
this wall is mine. right above my messy, never-made bed.
i've always wanted to do the various, mismatched frame look seen here:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

i think its safe to say i'll need
-various frames
-printed paters
-a monogram K, because i love my first initial
-old pictures
-klay, to hang everything up

i need to know where i should look for frames? they have to be very inexpensive.

ps: i would give anything for this right now:
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i don't know if i say it too much, or if i don't say it nearly enough.
ha, what can i say? i'm blind, i'm in love.

i don't think i could gush too much about the boy who has the most positive influence on my life. the one who is not only the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, but a best friend on the nights when i need one most. the one i can count on for anything from a partner in crime, dressed up spiffy and taking in the enchantment of every wedding reception, every party, every dinner, to the one who i come home to after work and lay in his bed while he makes me dinner. the one who brings me cough syrup and oranges and a snuggie when i'm so sick... the one who i gave that very same sickness to (so sorry babe!) the one who i text every silly thought that comes in to my mind through out the day, the one who's cutesy texts still make me smile out loud.
the one who lets me curl up in his lap and kiss him on da cheek, the one who laughs at my jokes and doesn't complain when i change ESPN to nickelodeon. he laughs at all my jokes and doesn't ask questions when i need him to take a picture of/for me :) he knows that when i buy him pounds and pounds of candy, i'll probably eat atleast half. he congratulates me when i do well in school and giggles along with me when i sheepishly admit that i may or may not have slacked off... a lot. he helps me save money and helps me pick out clothes to spend it on. he's PERFECT.

nothing can compare to those nights we spend scouring fry's (our fave grocery spot) for the ingredients necessary to take over the boys' kitchen and create a delicious dinner. i couldn't be more thankful for him.

i'm so proud of him, he works so hard at absolutely everything that he does. whether at work, or at school, at the gym, it doesn't matter. he is INCREDIBLE, i can't brag enough about him.
we've come SO far, anyone who knows us well would know that, but i can honestly say that it has made us so strong. even now we're still faced with choices that keep our relationship on a very realistic level.
and let me tell you:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic.

hey babe i'm sitting in bed watching man vs food, wishin' you were here if you couldn't tell. thank you for everything, i love you to the moon and back <3 see ya tonight!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


about this semester!

straight a's here i come

Sunday, January 9, 2011

the great beyonddd

last night i worked too hard, drove too fast, got too ready, overcaffinated myself, ate too much buffalo wild wings, talked too much, slept too hard... woke up sick.
but it was worth it.
sickness was inevidable, i realized it was upcoming too late to fix it.
now i'm confined to my bed, so very thaknful that spongebob is on because its one of the only television shows i can stomache without question! i don't know why, but like i said, i don't ask questions.

all i need is a diet dr pepper, my throat is screaming for all 52 oz of one. oh, and to summon the energy to get out of bed and pick one up.

oh does anyone have any need to purchase a fifty dollar gift card to forever 21? you'd be doing me a great favor, as i need the money more than i need the card. i've tried and tried to shop there but i just can't do it anymore. i came to the sad conclusion that i can no longer get away with mixing and matching clothes in order to hide the fact that maybe my shirt or shoes are from f21/wetseal/charlotte. i can't even bring myself to shop at urban anymore :(
time to pull myself together and spend the big bucks at my all time favorite stores. all time favorite, but exceedingly more expensive, stores.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

january 8th 2011

today i'd like to:


drink my diet soda in bed while wrapped in my favorite christmas present ever/blanket from klay.

watch tv on aubs' 42' plasma, mounted on the wall in our room (i have an amazing roommate)

be girly, go to the mall, find nail polish that i can't live without and make myself feel pretty.

pick up my tip$ from work

bring my hardworkin' bf food @ ski pro <3

avoid junk food

work hard at firebirds tonight

hang out with makenna + all of my best GIRLfriends (said like ms. george/ regina's mom in mean girls when she asks 'how are ma best GIRLfriends?') tonight.

and then sleep in tomorrow.

I LOVE 2011

it is true, i love you already. sometimes you just... know. you know?

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this is going to be my year all the way. i've set some goals for myself. more like guidelines though because i'm expecting great change in this next year and i'm not sure how long i will still have passion for the things i do now. i don't want to write down the complete list at this time, but i can summarize.

i want to be healthier, as always. not necessarily cutting out diet dr pepper so much as toning up a little bit, getting back in to running. i don't have a goal to gym it up religiously, but i would love to spend my days off hiking, swimming, shopping... etc. i'd like to maintain my olive skin color and my newly-found clear complexion.

i also want to revamp my wardrobe a bit. i like the clothes i have now, but i feel like the time may come sooner than later that i don't have the money to spend on ankle length jeans and delicate cardis. plus, i can't deny that fashion is important to me and i don't want to let that get away from me. i love shopping. and clothes. and colors. and balance.

i need to get my hair cut and keep up with the dying of it. not too hard! i'd love for my hair to be extremely healthy asap so maybe i'll make it a goal to take my fish oil pills every. single. day.
i'd like to move up to a server this year, whether its at Firebirds or somewhere else.

i'd like to record things better in my planner/journal/ notepad thing i always carry around. it makes me feel secure when things are written down, but perfer a pen and paper over my blackberry.

i'd like a new phone. blackberry4life, just an upgrade.

i'd like to do EXTREMELY well in school this year. probably one of my biggest goals. i'm going to CGCC with 15 credit hours this semester on Mondays and Wednesdays, and next semester i will be moving to PHX to focus solely on court reporting.

i'm going to move out to phoenix sometime in 2011, so i need to start taking that prospect seriously and looking in to my options. i need to be closer to my school (gateway) but its not easy to find a roommate with good standards willing to move out to somewhere like phoenix. if anyone is interested, though, the area around my school is actually really nice, safe and affordable!

i would looove to cut down on unnecessary spending. i actually have cut back quite a bit... for instance.... starbucks. i've had some negative run ins with espresso and while i appreciate a good latte, i just don't LOVE it like i used to. spending 5 dollars on a drink that doesnt make all your wildest dreams come true just isn't worth it. i will not, however, give up my 86 cent diet dr pepper from circle k. nope. i just wont do it.
(i also gave up energy drinks for the most part. i still drink them when i work doubles but i've cut back a lot!)

I vow to have the BEST summer in 2011, no matter what. I feel like it'll be my last summer of utter freedom.

last but not least, i lost my voice last night and i think i'll keep it this way all year. its sexy.