Sunday, January 9, 2011

the great beyonddd

last night i worked too hard, drove too fast, got too ready, overcaffinated myself, ate too much buffalo wild wings, talked too much, slept too hard... woke up sick.
but it was worth it.
sickness was inevidable, i realized it was upcoming too late to fix it.
now i'm confined to my bed, so very thaknful that spongebob is on because its one of the only television shows i can stomache without question! i don't know why, but like i said, i don't ask questions.

all i need is a diet dr pepper, my throat is screaming for all 52 oz of one. oh, and to summon the energy to get out of bed and pick one up.

oh does anyone have any need to purchase a fifty dollar gift card to forever 21? you'd be doing me a great favor, as i need the money more than i need the card. i've tried and tried to shop there but i just can't do it anymore. i came to the sad conclusion that i can no longer get away with mixing and matching clothes in order to hide the fact that maybe my shirt or shoes are from f21/wetseal/charlotte. i can't even bring myself to shop at urban anymore :(
time to pull myself together and spend the big bucks at my all time favorite stores. all time favorite, but exceedingly more expensive, stores.

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