Saturday, January 8, 2011

I LOVE 2011

it is true, i love you already. sometimes you just... know. you know?

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this is going to be my year all the way. i've set some goals for myself. more like guidelines though because i'm expecting great change in this next year and i'm not sure how long i will still have passion for the things i do now. i don't want to write down the complete list at this time, but i can summarize.

i want to be healthier, as always. not necessarily cutting out diet dr pepper so much as toning up a little bit, getting back in to running. i don't have a goal to gym it up religiously, but i would love to spend my days off hiking, swimming, shopping... etc. i'd like to maintain my olive skin color and my newly-found clear complexion.

i also want to revamp my wardrobe a bit. i like the clothes i have now, but i feel like the time may come sooner than later that i don't have the money to spend on ankle length jeans and delicate cardis. plus, i can't deny that fashion is important to me and i don't want to let that get away from me. i love shopping. and clothes. and colors. and balance.

i need to get my hair cut and keep up with the dying of it. not too hard! i'd love for my hair to be extremely healthy asap so maybe i'll make it a goal to take my fish oil pills every. single. day.
i'd like to move up to a server this year, whether its at Firebirds or somewhere else.

i'd like to record things better in my planner/journal/ notepad thing i always carry around. it makes me feel secure when things are written down, but perfer a pen and paper over my blackberry.

i'd like a new phone. blackberry4life, just an upgrade.

i'd like to do EXTREMELY well in school this year. probably one of my biggest goals. i'm going to CGCC with 15 credit hours this semester on Mondays and Wednesdays, and next semester i will be moving to PHX to focus solely on court reporting.

i'm going to move out to phoenix sometime in 2011, so i need to start taking that prospect seriously and looking in to my options. i need to be closer to my school (gateway) but its not easy to find a roommate with good standards willing to move out to somewhere like phoenix. if anyone is interested, though, the area around my school is actually really nice, safe and affordable!

i would looove to cut down on unnecessary spending. i actually have cut back quite a bit... for instance.... starbucks. i've had some negative run ins with espresso and while i appreciate a good latte, i just don't LOVE it like i used to. spending 5 dollars on a drink that doesnt make all your wildest dreams come true just isn't worth it. i will not, however, give up my 86 cent diet dr pepper from circle k. nope. i just wont do it.
(i also gave up energy drinks for the most part. i still drink them when i work doubles but i've cut back a lot!)

I vow to have the BEST summer in 2011, no matter what. I feel like it'll be my last summer of utter freedom.

last but not least, i lost my voice last night and i think i'll keep it this way all year. its sexy.

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