Saturday, January 15, 2011


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i don't know if i say it too much, or if i don't say it nearly enough.
ha, what can i say? i'm blind, i'm in love.

i don't think i could gush too much about the boy who has the most positive influence on my life. the one who is not only the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, but a best friend on the nights when i need one most. the one i can count on for anything from a partner in crime, dressed up spiffy and taking in the enchantment of every wedding reception, every party, every dinner, to the one who i come home to after work and lay in his bed while he makes me dinner. the one who brings me cough syrup and oranges and a snuggie when i'm so sick... the one who i gave that very same sickness to (so sorry babe!) the one who i text every silly thought that comes in to my mind through out the day, the one who's cutesy texts still make me smile out loud.
the one who lets me curl up in his lap and kiss him on da cheek, the one who laughs at my jokes and doesn't complain when i change ESPN to nickelodeon. he laughs at all my jokes and doesn't ask questions when i need him to take a picture of/for me :) he knows that when i buy him pounds and pounds of candy, i'll probably eat atleast half. he congratulates me when i do well in school and giggles along with me when i sheepishly admit that i may or may not have slacked off... a lot. he helps me save money and helps me pick out clothes to spend it on. he's PERFECT.

nothing can compare to those nights we spend scouring fry's (our fave grocery spot) for the ingredients necessary to take over the boys' kitchen and create a delicious dinner. i couldn't be more thankful for him.

i'm so proud of him, he works so hard at absolutely everything that he does. whether at work, or at school, at the gym, it doesn't matter. he is INCREDIBLE, i can't brag enough about him.
we've come SO far, anyone who knows us well would know that, but i can honestly say that it has made us so strong. even now we're still faced with choices that keep our relationship on a very realistic level.
and let me tell you:

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hey babe i'm sitting in bed watching man vs food, wishin' you were here if you couldn't tell. thank you for everything, i love you to the moon and back <3 see ya tonight!

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