Monday, January 17, 2011


can't seem to tear myself away from the computer today.
lately, i've felt a constant need to fill my mind with motivation & i do find a lot of my motivation from the things that i view on the internet.

anyways, i'm honestly just writing this to end my hours-long computer endevour. i feel like i need that one final post, one final picture scan on before i can get some shut eye. i remember an old post secret i once saved that said
"i stay up late on the computer searching for answers about myself"
and i can honestly say that quote still pertains to me 100 percent.

most of all, i would like to remind myself that its okay to stand your ground. its okay to dig your heels in and be a little stubborn at times. all options explored, you know what you truly want. you know that you never want to look back, not sure if you did everything possible to obtain it.
at this point, things may be completely one sided but if that doesn't change,
you will.
put your pride aside, obtain patience (its a virtue) and be true to yourself.
stay strong, babygirl.

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