Sunday, February 28, 2010


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con a light pink quarter length, girly t-shirt and some cut off citizen shorts, by faaaaar my favorite accessory ever.

i ♥ the gym, by the way.
endorphins do me so many favors when it comes to my mood and motivation.

i've been "killin' it" on the tready these passed few weeks, i hope to keep it up!

finally found some time to spend with klay b this weeekend, which i am so thankful for :)played some barber shop (handsome!) ventured to POP! the soda shop (soooo unique, i loved it!), Ra (las vegas rolls and crunchy calamari), toni and guy... (handsome!! hint hint),
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f21 (where i found the PERFECT shoesfor 20 bucks but failed to purchase them? i WILL be going back!), made extreme potato burritos (as we have been known to do!) and ended up at some hoe down at hole 3.
what a perfect weekend! i'm so glad i got to see so many people i care about.

waitin those 12 days until i can hop up out of AZ and make my way to California for Makenna's birthday!
Disneyland again, beach cruisin', bummin' on the shore and shopping i'm sure. SO excited!

12 days to prep my beach body
tan, toned and blonde.
tiiiime to stick to my work out regimen

Monday, February 22, 2010

obey giant

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it is (sadly) safe to say that i would die for this bike
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every day, every where, just me and my obey bike ♥

or me and you and our obey bikes? cycling to california? away from everything? escaping to my faaavorite place to be with you?
i'm all packed and ready to go, you know who you are ;)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

say what you need to say.

we heart it and john mayer day.

ke$ha is tra$hy
i dislike being partially associated with her.

come back home

don't worry, everything is going to be amazing.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


too much, too soon.


too little, too late.

to be continued...

Monday, February 15, 2010

bad habit

i need to eat reasonably, healthy.
if i'm going to be a regular at this whole gym rat thang, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be dang worth it.
i have the hardest time with exercise, but am no stranger to its benefits. i could liiive off the 'high' i recieve after even a small work out. i can do this, i know i can. i just need a little... nudge.

valentines was a success! so much fun, i love my boyfriend! he is such a wonderful person, and i am so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life.

i need:
to figure out spring break... i'm thinkin' some time on the beach. nothing special, just bummin'
a watch
to continue to work out and eat healthy
to continue to manage my money well
to continue doing well in school
to continue doing well in general :)
high heels, i have close to none... i am so not a lady.
something to do with this next friday...

this is an awkard stage for me. i am so accustomed to needing and wanting and striving, but as of right now... things are great. please don't get me wrong, i am not complaining in the slightest. nor do i not see many things that couldn't stand improvement, but i'm never one to get comfortable. i am always reaching for more, never completely satisfied.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010


oh, valentines day.
i just can't help but love you.

due to the fact that i have my lover to spend it with this year, i may be biased, but i don't think so. i definitely spent the better part of my developmental childhood never recieving anything unexpected, but still enjoying the holiday.
no "single's awareness," no v-day bashing for me.
admittedly, i am a hopeless romatic.
i love, love, love, LOVE.
every aspect of it, every type, every kind, every depth, every appearance, every act, love.
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i was aiming to steer away from the mushy gushhh for that part to make room to sneak in...:
you have my heart ♥


happy valentines day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

wrong place, wrong time

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i hope my posts don't lead anyone to believe that i am anything less than ecstatic about the way my life is going. i know where i'm headed and i'm learning to accept the ups and downs on my path to true happiness. i'm going to deal with extremes for the rest of my life and i'm perfectly fine with that.
how else would i obtain the strength necessary to become who i am meant to become?
i am so blessed.

"happy ever after after all this time.
oh there's gonna be some ups and downs,
but with you to wrap my arms around, i'm fine.
so baby hold on tight, and don't let go."
-when you got a good thing, lady antebellum

Sunday, February 7, 2010

tonight, its just too much.

"cause ive since made graves
but im too scared to etch the names
for fear that im the one whos changed "

"old classmates please drop all your pens,
don’t write a word cause I won't reply
and I’m not bitter, no, it's just I’ve passed that point in my life.
I’m trying to find truth
in words, in rhymes, in notes
in all the things I wish I'd wrote"

i think in entirely "format" thoughts while i'm in this mood.
when i don't want to deal with anything or anyone. i have nothing to say, no good to bring, the mood in which i automatically retract into myself. when i need a chance to sit in my mind for a while and gather my thoughts. its important that i do this before i act on irritated impulse and break things that aren't meant to be broken.
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i need to deal with this in a different way.

post script, i loved this:
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hold fast

Image and video hosting by TinyPicyesterday was, mentally, one of the hardest, most tormenting days of my life. i feel so much stronger for getting through it, and HA! i came out on top. the day itself wasn't hard, it was the downward spiral it could have lead in to. i am so grateful for the power of prayer, the priesthood and the people in my life that i can turn to at a minutes notice and recieve more help and guidence than i knew i needed.

in attempt to clear my mind yesterday, i was on, as i so often am these days, and the typography was more therapeutic for me than anything else. i know some are sad and angry, but the positive ones have such a strength to them <3
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that is why i post them in albums on my fb, even if they don't apply to me. i know that they have the power to get a message across in a way that no one else can.
i hope i've helped atleast one person with themmm.

alright, keisha. time to focus.

Monday, February 1, 2010

fort minor

i am so entirely thankful for the many many positive influences i have in my life.
there is an unbelievable amount of faith and blessings that surround me in everything i do, every where i go, every single day.
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i never want to go a day without recognizing this as often as i can.

off the record, i am proud of myself.
so proud of myself for the progress i've made and will continue to make toward the person that i strive to become.

today, i had a break between school school work so i got to see makenna and andi for lunch. they took me to their dream house that they recently discovered, and we are in love.
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this picture doesn't do it justice, but bless my little blackberry, it tries.

love love love.