Sunday, February 28, 2010


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con a light pink quarter length, girly t-shirt and some cut off citizen shorts, by faaaaar my favorite accessory ever.

i ♥ the gym, by the way.
endorphins do me so many favors when it comes to my mood and motivation.

i've been "killin' it" on the tready these passed few weeks, i hope to keep it up!

finally found some time to spend with klay b this weeekend, which i am so thankful for :)played some barber shop (handsome!) ventured to POP! the soda shop (soooo unique, i loved it!), Ra (las vegas rolls and crunchy calamari), toni and guy... (handsome!! hint hint),
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f21 (where i found the PERFECT shoesfor 20 bucks but failed to purchase them? i WILL be going back!), made extreme potato burritos (as we have been known to do!) and ended up at some hoe down at hole 3.
what a perfect weekend! i'm so glad i got to see so many people i care about.

waitin those 12 days until i can hop up out of AZ and make my way to California for Makenna's birthday!
Disneyland again, beach cruisin', bummin' on the shore and shopping i'm sure. SO excited!

12 days to prep my beach body
tan, toned and blonde.
tiiiime to stick to my work out regimen

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