Wednesday, February 23, 2011


trying to be better about not spending my money,
but beauties like this watch makes it reaaal difficult.
blegh, what i'm "saving up for" will be a lot better than a watch though ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

not so juicy

soo i didn't update because the juicing was going just about identical to the 2 days before... until saturday morning, i plugged in my juicer and... nothing. its dead. i was so upset! i had actually run to wells fargo/starbucks/safeway that morning and i had completely, accidentally, cleaned out my wallet of all its receipts.
i drove baack over to starbucks and dumpster dived my way to the bottom where my walmart receipt is. it was so nice, the barista took the trash, put it in a cart and gave me gloves so she could help me look through it for my receipt! people are good.

today i have the day off for presidents day so here i am, dreading my to-do list for the day.
return my juicer.
return a shirt to urban, its too big.
return a shirt to h&m, it is also too big.
(i'm terrrible at shopping)
eat really healthy because you'll be on the beach in 6 days.
buy klay a present ;) done!
figure out a tone in my hair.

klay's getting me to go RUNNING tonight, what whaaat?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

JUICYY day 2

yesterday... was hard. i ended up having some lightly salted nuts after my last post, i wasn't feeling well, but as soon as i had a handful, bam! all is well.
i know i'm not "supposed" to have nuts but it was the first day i haven't overinduldged in candy, fat, and just plain junk food in.... so long. i woke up feeling refreshed and already alot healthier!
this morning i made a drink for breakfast and enough for lunch because i'll be at work.
cups and cups of spinach
3 carrots
4 stalks of celery
3 fiji apples
1 green apple
half of a red apple
and a lemon.

(ps recall my post about all the produce at my house that i needed to use up? tada!)

its good! i still haven't found "my mixture" yet, i'm mostly just trying to pack in the nutrients. obviously apples are my favorite and they produce the most juice for the cost of them! same with celery.

so today i work 12:30-8 or so and i'll bring a lunch but its not enough juice for 8 hours.
i bought pure coconut juice and on my way to work, i'll pick up another naked juice. i need to drink alot of water today!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


alriiiight, here we go!

day one. as i talked about last night, i was so excited to try out my new juicer, i juiced pretty much every fruit and vegetable i could find.

its so cool! its quiet and thorough, and while its not fun to clean, its manageable.

i put the half gallon of juice into a pitcher and into the fridge around midnight last night. i woke up early for school at eight and took a red cup full of it to school. while the fresh juice was extremely refreshing, the grapefruit was OVERPOWERING. i know the benefits of grapefruit and i have alot from klay's mom... i don't even mind the taste of it, but i can't just drink grapefruit tasting juice all the time. what i'm thinking i'll do is to juice a grapefruit or two separately so that i can just take a shot of that and then have different juice through out the day. i don't want to miss out on or waste the grapefruit!

i'll probably end up juicing more tonight, so i'll add to this.

ps i want to try cucumbers.

eh it's now. 10pm and I'm boreddddddd. I rely on food for entertainment like you wouldn't imagine hah it's not good.
Earlier I was feel in a little weak and I had a serving of peanut butter, like I will when I'm tired normally. Not ideal but you gotta do whatchya gotta do! I also grabbed a naked juice when I couldn't go home and juice, I think that was a good choice. They're expensive but contain so much fruit it's absurd! I work & hardly make it home in time for meals so I will juice ahead but I think naked is my best on the run alternative.

I'm thinking about adding nuts after the 3rd day. I need protein to keep up with my lifestyle.

Tomorrow I'm doing a recommended concentrated fruit/veg cleanse that I got at hi health. I also purchased coconut juice which I've heard great things about!


goal oriented

i feel like i'm constantly making goals and plans and searching for more. i'm initially kind of embarrassed by this, like who has to make SO many set goals just to accomplish what might be a simple task?
i love the thrill of it though.
i love my notebook full of plans, reminders, goals and outlines.
i love my blog.
i love ambitions and accomplishments.
i even love when things don't turn out the way i planned, whether i just go back to my old ways or fail miserably, i end up on the path i'm most comfortable on. which, i guess in hindsight, i wouldn't be positive about. maybe the outcome i was aiming for isn't the place i would be happy at.
goals are a good thing right? accomplishing things.

on a completely separate note, i'm definitely considering ombre highlights again. i'm BORED with my locks.

(i know this photo is rather rugged, but i really like hers ^! and these as well v.)

also, my biology class (intro to anatomy and physiology) has me absolutely itching to start working out again. i was literally almost anti-working out at a certain point. i don't know why. i mean, obvi a love hate relationship with exercize is a normal attitude but i haate it. i'm so glad my viewpoint is changing! i'm being drawn to fitness magazines and the muscle placement. its so cool knowing just what muscle i'm wanting to work to achieve the correct results! i'm thinking that it'll also really help me out with my bio, which is surprisingly my faavorite class this semester.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 day

so we all know i love food...
all of which are tasty, but not exactly necessary food groups... should be a "once in a while thing", but its more like an "every day, twice a day, especially at night" kind of habit.
its just that too, a habit. or an addiction, depending on how you want to look at it.
i don't NEED or even really want to eat a whole package of redvines and a peanut butter twix every night on my way home from work. i just always do.

i always get "how if you eat like this, do you get to stay so skinny?!" well if anything, i know my body. through all the diets i had to go on, keeping a log of everything i ate, etc. i know how my body reacts to most foods, positive, neutral and negative. i usually try to revolve around the "neutral" reactions, too lazy to work hard and move in either direction but i've become fed. up. with some of my habits. i've become tired and weighed down trying to keep up with myself.

one thing i usually give myself a pat on the back for is that i stay away from most sugar, aside from in candy. i drink diet soda, have no sugar added in my yogurt, use crystal light in my smoothies, it saves calories! yet, in the back of my mind i've always known that artificial sweeteners aren't good for you. i tried to stop drinking diet soda/carbonated drinks but that just reminded me that i am addicted to monster and had to find my "fix" a different way. i don't wanna do it anymore! i read up on artificial sweeteners and they are SO bad! so bad. i'm completely turned off.

i crave raw food, i can't handle any more of anything processed before i get control of my consumption. and in that case, more of a treat than a repeat meal.

i honestly want to start working out soon as well. like, seriously working out. i can't drink caffiene or soda or have anything of that sort. i have to eat healthy food that will nourish me and give me the strength it'll take for me to build a healthy body. I need to drink water. i need to have energy, not from a caffeinated drink.

something i've been thinking about lately is purchasing a juicer. after getting feedback from some of my friends, i finally got one! i love it already:

i made some juice trying it out/preparing for my busy school day tomorrow and its really really good! i put so many different types of fruits and veggies through it

i'm so excited! i looked up cleanses online and they recommend a 10 day cleanse to everyone who's capable of doing it. i'm up for the challenge! a lot of people do it to rid themselves of addictions to food and addictions to caffeine, both of which i suffer with. its cleansing for the body and mind, i've done a few before and i've quite literally never felt better! this will prepare my body for an extremely healthy diet when i start working out rigorously.

if anyone's interested, i'll prooobably keep a detailed juicing blog for the next ten days (16th-26th) to keep me on track. xoxo

obligatory valentines day post

this title is a joke, WHO HAS TIME FOR VALENTINE'S DAY?

with school and working doubletime at firebirds, i couldn't even fathom planning anything around this one day. We talked and completely agreed on the fact that we just couldn't spend valentines together, it wasn't going to work out.

i know this sounds like a manipulative plotline for the girl who wants a diamond ring, the guy thinks he really got away without a valentine's present and both end up unhappy, but i was completely fine with letting this day go by without stress.

honestly, at this time of year, relieving stress is the best gift either one of us could give the other.

the 14th was simplicity at its best. we met up for yogurt in between a full day of work and then school, it was cute, he brought me cookies and a tub of frosting to dip them in!
i got to wear my roomie's heart cardigan to work, and everyone at firebirds was in a great mood, considering the night we were in for. Everything during the dinner shift went smoothly and i got off in time to drive to the boys house for the remainder of their Vday mixxxxer. Klay and i had to retire to his room because we had so much homework but the 4 minutes i had to converse with everyone put a big smile on my face. its so nice to have friends close! we cuddled in bed while he did his outline and i watched supersize me and wrote a paper on it.
(incase you were wondering that movie didn't change my opinion on anything, i don't know why. i remember the first time i watched it, i just craved a double cheese burger so lo and behold i got me one!)

then we got to take a break, eat left over queso and talk with the roomies & olivia (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW IF YOU READ THIS!) and margo. overall valentines was a simple, yet extremely productive day!

I love my Valentine, but i don't think anything positive or negative revolving around valentines should... exist, really . i just don't get the holiday. oh well.

when it comes down to it, i'm honestly so very thankful for a relationship in which my love grows for significant other exponentially day by day, not christmas valentines birthday or extravagant date night. those days are nice, but its looking over at him over our homemade spaghetti or doing homework on a friday night together that makes me see spending the rest of my days with him possible. its so simple and so natural! i can literally feel it waking up every morning, getting that sweet sweet "Good morning baby, i love you so much! thank you for ___. i hope you have a great day!" text and falling in love with my boyfriend that much deeeper.
its sappy and gross and sweet i understand you got enough of that yesterday (i know i did, if i had another red vine i was going to throw up. i woke up dizzy on a sugar hangover this morning, i did nooot know this was possible!) but i had to elaborate on my feelings the day after.
babe i'm so excited for california at the end of this month! we're going to have a blast, and i'm really looking forward to us getting away for a minute.

thank you to everyone who made yesterday a special day, not because it was a holiday or because you were lookin' for lovin', but because you're my friends and my family and i love you all!

This also reminds me:


i love you so much, thank you for everything! more on this when we actually get to celebrate her birthday as a family! we all have the busiest, conflicting schedules but we make it work <3

Monday, February 7, 2011

waste not

so here's to another week of atempting to eat healthy.
FORTUNATELY, this time i have a super handsome partner ;)
though, i have some different stipulations than he does...
obviously he's a little bigger than me and that puts us on a different path from the begining.
for example, his caloric intake should be around 3,200 while mine could stand to be 2,000 less haha

to be honest, my main goal for this week is to use up my groceries.
i've said it before and i'll say it again a million times, FOOD IS SO EXPENSIVE.
ridiculously expensive.
especially when you're living "alone" and not sharing the ingredients with anyone else... cooking for anyone else... like, what is there to make? that keeps?
not to mention i'm literally always on the go and i can't eat the food in my fridge when i'm in chandler/phoenix/mesa/scottsdale.
i usually resort to eating out (ca-chinggg)
grabing caffiene @ starbucks/ in energy drinks (CA-CHINGGG$$$$)
or, on a good day, purchasing groceries. guhh, even then though...

take today for example:
-cottage cheese (4 servings) $2
-yogurt (8 servings) $3
-a case of water (24 bottles) $3
-apples (2) $1
-oranges (3) $1
-*blue monsters (10) $10
*OBVIOUSLY monsters are terrible for me, i'm trying to cut back, i promise! but when the cans are on sale buy-10-get-each-can-for-$1 and the previously mentioned alternative is starbucks/gas station for $4+, i'm taking advantage of the situation.

i'm really proud of myself for two things....
one, i hate water and i purchased water! i even drank 3 today! and refilled them for an inexpensive future investment. i hate water so much, purified/tap water doesn't even matter to my mind. its still disgusting... but a necessity, obviously. it hurts my stomach, but i need to drink it anyways. honestly, since i have been bouncing between eating like a "normal" american and eating healthy, my apetite is insane. i can't get full. yesterday during the superbowl party @ the millers, i literally kept a hand to mouth movement going for a good 6 hours.
six hours! no one needs that much of an intake heheh, but thank you to the millers! the food was delicious and i'm so thankful for you guys <3

two, the total was over $32, but i'm a very good grocery shopper and i saved like %35 on things that i will definitely consume with time.

this brings me back to my first point. i spend 19 dollars on food that could feed me for atleast 3 days. i do this every day. SO, the point is i have like 20x the amount of groceries that i need. when i got home from the grocery store, i was putting the groceries away and i saw that i have not one, not two, but FOUR cartons of cottage cheese. whaaaaat? no. not only that, but atleast 10-12 servings of yogurt, a ton of fresh fruit, some fresh veggies, tuna, peanut butter, 2 cartons of egg whites, and the list goes on.

point is, i have so much GOOD food.
my goal for this week, from this moment on, is to not purchase food.
-no produce
-no candy (definitely no candy... i probably spent 20 bucks on candy alone this last weekend)
-no beverages (klay and i realized just how expensive beverages are, any kind! its ridic! you would never think that so much of your money is spent on liquid.)

i need to spend the next 5 days only consuming the food in my fridge, get my money's worth and stay on the path of eating healthy. my wallet and my energy levels will thank me at the end of the week!

next up, exercise..............
i am no no good at exercise, lets just bask in the light of healthy eating for a minute and put the exercise aside. blegh. runnin' N liftin' N shtuff.

i'm drinking water! yaaaay.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

hold it against me

i'm far more interested in my blog than i am in facebook these days. its just so much easier to post on fb, i wish i had a better mobile access to blogger.

anyhow, here i am yet again craving a shuffle in my daily norm, today i'm thinking i'll tint my hair purple. i've been meaning to do it for a while. its a very subtle change, but i have a feeling that i'll really appreciate the way it looks in the sunshine.

obviously thats not a good example of subtle, but i love her locks. i'll post a picture later when i actually do it! i'll probably dye it tomorrow.
bold purple peekaboos + a barely there all-over purple tint to the blackness.

this week/weekend has been grand! school is going swimmingly, i even achieved an A on my first biology quiz! i've stayed up to date with my homework and have been working hard at the Bird for my weekly cash flow. I finally took my first day off in a whiiiile and spent the day with klay today! we went to the science center for body worlds and had a great time :)

then of course we had carolina's, a dirty-but-authentic around-the-corner mexican food restaurant that makes filiburtos look like mi amigos in comparison hehh, but the food is so good! i wouldn't be lying if i said i have had enourmus amounts of candy and yogurtland atleast once a day for the past week...

my mouth says yes, but my body says NO.
my poor bod... if only i could stick to eating well for more than a week.
no, honestly thats a habit that i need to break. its really unhealthy to stick with one thing for a week and go the completely opposite direction the next.

do you have any tips on maintaining a healthy balance when it comes to your diet?
binging on junk food is a terrible habit that i need to break.

incase you were about to say anything along the lines of "but you're so skinny" please take into consideration the fact that if i didn't act consciously about the way i consumed food, i would have never lost the weight that i did and would probably weigh atleast twice that now! i'm not looking to lose anything, i'm just searching for a balance.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

its funny

how some things change, because you chose to change them
and other things change with time.
and then there's those things that change with time, but with the help of a subconcious decision to change them.
there's no way to know which direction is best for you, you just have to put your life in the hands of a higher power and do the best you can.
you have to make goals and set limitations on certain things, but when you get caught up in life (as you most definitely should... whats life if you don't get caught up in the beauty of life's daily bustle?) things change on their own and you end up where you wanted to be all along.

i don't say this lightly, as i'm sure most of you wouldn't, but i love life.
i love to LIVE life.
i love absolutely everything about it. i love to make decisions good or bad and learn from the consequences, positive and negative.

life has so much mystery, so much truth.
so complex but yet so simple.

its positive realizations like this that really make "life worth living".