Tuesday, February 1, 2011

its funny

how some things change, because you chose to change them
and other things change with time.
and then there's those things that change with time, but with the help of a subconcious decision to change them.
there's no way to know which direction is best for you, you just have to put your life in the hands of a higher power and do the best you can.
you have to make goals and set limitations on certain things, but when you get caught up in life (as you most definitely should... whats life if you don't get caught up in the beauty of life's daily bustle?) things change on their own and you end up where you wanted to be all along.

i don't say this lightly, as i'm sure most of you wouldn't, but i love life.
i love to LIVE life.
i love absolutely everything about it. i love to make decisions good or bad and learn from the consequences, positive and negative.

life has so much mystery, so much truth.
so complex but yet so simple.

its positive realizations like this that really make "life worth living".

1 comment:

  1. We must have been thinking alike this morning! LIVE your life and do what you gotta do. ♥

    Sarah M.