Thursday, February 17, 2011

JUICYY day 2

yesterday... was hard. i ended up having some lightly salted nuts after my last post, i wasn't feeling well, but as soon as i had a handful, bam! all is well.
i know i'm not "supposed" to have nuts but it was the first day i haven't overinduldged in candy, fat, and just plain junk food in.... so long. i woke up feeling refreshed and already alot healthier!
this morning i made a drink for breakfast and enough for lunch because i'll be at work.
cups and cups of spinach
3 carrots
4 stalks of celery
3 fiji apples
1 green apple
half of a red apple
and a lemon.

(ps recall my post about all the produce at my house that i needed to use up? tada!)

its good! i still haven't found "my mixture" yet, i'm mostly just trying to pack in the nutrients. obviously apples are my favorite and they produce the most juice for the cost of them! same with celery.

so today i work 12:30-8 or so and i'll bring a lunch but its not enough juice for 8 hours.
i bought pure coconut juice and on my way to work, i'll pick up another naked juice. i need to drink alot of water today!

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