Wednesday, February 16, 2011

goal oriented

i feel like i'm constantly making goals and plans and searching for more. i'm initially kind of embarrassed by this, like who has to make SO many set goals just to accomplish what might be a simple task?
i love the thrill of it though.
i love my notebook full of plans, reminders, goals and outlines.
i love my blog.
i love ambitions and accomplishments.
i even love when things don't turn out the way i planned, whether i just go back to my old ways or fail miserably, i end up on the path i'm most comfortable on. which, i guess in hindsight, i wouldn't be positive about. maybe the outcome i was aiming for isn't the place i would be happy at.
goals are a good thing right? accomplishing things.

on a completely separate note, i'm definitely considering ombre highlights again. i'm BORED with my locks.

(i know this photo is rather rugged, but i really like hers ^! and these as well v.)

also, my biology class (intro to anatomy and physiology) has me absolutely itching to start working out again. i was literally almost anti-working out at a certain point. i don't know why. i mean, obvi a love hate relationship with exercize is a normal attitude but i haate it. i'm so glad my viewpoint is changing! i'm being drawn to fitness magazines and the muscle placement. its so cool knowing just what muscle i'm wanting to work to achieve the correct results! i'm thinking that it'll also really help me out with my bio, which is surprisingly my faavorite class this semester.

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