Sunday, October 31, 2010

christmas or bust

glad halloween is over-ish.
atleast over as in, i get to spend the day with my boyfriend and our wonderful families, handing out candy to little babies and eating treats rather than being surrounded by naked hoes.
to not put it lightly, facebook has become a porn site.
i do not condone this behavior, ladies. i'm serious, its not funny, its not classy, its not acceptable, its disgusting. i have so much respect for those of you that are enjoying yourselves on halloween, without EXPLOITing yourselves on halloween. i don't claim to be the most modest girl in gilbert, but i do try to maintain a high level of self respect and acknowledge that i need to work on it.
we eneded up going to the hanger party, and i really enjoyed myself!
not to say anything to specific, but i found out who my real friends were last night. they are honest, genuine, classy people and i am so blessed. i only regret not having realized this sooner. even if we're not that close, i'm still so thankful for each and every one of you!
sometimes it just takes that last straw to make a thurough turn around and head in the right direction without interuptions.
here's our pumkins!
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and a bad picture of our costumes:
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klay was an m&m and i'm scar from lion king!

i'm SO looking forward to the rest of this year! at thanksgiving, Klay is coming to utah with me and my family for Voorhees/Bergman festivities and i couldn't be more excited to spend that time with my family and klay! its going to be so much fun. he's such a wonderful boyfriend, i'm the luckiest girl. i love you, sugar!
and then christmas! yay!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i run to you

i sure get more requests to update this than i ever thought i would. i honestly felt like i was writing to myself for a good 2 years, and the pressure is makin' me shy ;) no really i've been busy and its been hard for me to write.
i'm so excited for things right now!

parker higgins comes home today, and we're all getting back together to go to his homecoming get together at his house tonight. i've missed him so much, its insane that it has already been 2 years. wow, thats just crazy!

i moved out some time ago, and i'm just now getting in to feeling like this is my home, and that makes me in the mood to decorate. i can't tell you how many hours i've spent at ikea in the past few weeks! thats mostly thanks to klay though ;) he moved out too, and he's pretty dedicated to making that room of his look sick. its definitely off to a good start babe!
take a picture of it and i'll post it here so everyone can see how hard you workeddd.
if anyone wants to donate a large map to me, it would greatly help with my decoration!

as a last minute thing, klay, me and his mama are going to laguna beach! she's doing some sailing certification, so it should just be a nice relaxing weekend spent with two of my favorite people eeever! i'm so excited and i hope there are a million pictures to come.

in about 2 weeks, i hope to go to CA with makenna, ian, and klay. i want to go to disneyland! more details on if that worked out laaater.

i've been working a good amount lately, and still loving my job! i love when klay brings ian in (who just got back from his mission as well, which makes me so happy! he's a good friend and i'm so glad he's here for klay, he missed him.) and gives me pink roses when i'm in a rush. i love working doubls and i, quite frankly, love money! so it works out well.

i'm not sure whats going on with school right now. i'm really starting to see that the commute is just too much for me to handle at the moment, especially with the hours of practice and hard work it would take in order to pass. i just can't be driving an hour, staying for class, studying/ practicing for a few hours, AND working. i just wouldn't be making enough.
i'm hoping, actually, that there are going to be some bigger changes in my life, that will allow me to buy a machine, move to phoenix in order to be closer to school and help me to finish my studies as a court reporter.

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its okay to be undecided, i keep telling myself.