Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tyler D. Lovell

its been one year today, love.
i remember every minute of it,
i've never felt anything like i did the first time we kissed.
i'll try to keep this less mushy so the public can handle it,
but sometimes i can't help myself, ha!

i've learned so much this year.
so much about myself,
the things i'm looking for in life,
everything i'm capable of
and everything i am blessed with.
there's been trials, but from those trials
i've learned more than i ever could have otherwise.
i learned about living unselfishly,
keeping things positive no matter what,
if not for me, for the sake of someone i care deeply about.
i've learned about how you can't hide your accountinance,
that its worth making the full lifestyle change,
and that there are many things simply overlooked
that matter deeply in making impressions on people.
i've learned to trust many people i never would have put forth the effort to trust.

i'm so thankful for such a beautiful relationship that brings this light into my life.

i wish it wouldn't take pages and pages to describe to someone
a fraction of the kindness i recieve from Tyler.
he is truely one of the greatest people i have ever met.
he stops at nothing make sure that i am nothing short of completely satisfied.
he is a strong, handsome, endearing boy and i wouldn't be the same without him.
i see these forwards, listing the millions of things girls look for in boys.
everything from edward cullen
to someone you who couldn't be better with kids.
i laugh, because honestly there is not one thing i look for in a significant other that Tyler doesn't excell it.
he's protective, patient, caring, kind, trustworthy to the max, thoughful, smart, athletic, passionate, wonderful with people of all ages... the list goes on and on.
him, along with everyone in his life (i.e. his incredible family) has helped me to grow and discover things about myself that i never knew were there.
aside from my family, they're the first ones i run to when i get a good grade or something happens at work.
its a beautiful thing, having these wonderful people behind me every step of the way.
every song, smell, taste, saying, thought in my mind brings me back to Tyler.
he is truely one of the best thing in my life.
i love you, babe
always and forever

(ps, i have a note just for you sweetie, you'll get it in the morning!)
Happy One Year!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

success complete.

i just have to share this feeling.
the feeling of accomplishment after doing something you wouldn't normally
and doing it well.
the hike was amazing.
it was beautiful, but tough
challenging but comfortable
and a fantastic way to connect with my best friend.
nothing could have gone better.
its crazy, i can feel it in every corner of my body
i'll just ignore that its the feeling you get before you're sore
and let it just ripple through me.
what a high.
i should exercise more often.
i wont, but i should! haaa.
i'll upload pictures to this blog later, even if we looked like boys ha!

a diva?

well son, its a female version of a hustlaaaa.

thats where we're hiking today!
maybe not, its just what came up when i typed
Superstition Mountain into google
so if your uber-experienced mind knows i'm wrong...
keeeep it to yourself!

i'm really excited! i never do anything like this.
i got to skip school today,
which is probably a good thing,
my stomach almost killed me last night.

we went to wing night, though!
it was great, i don't remember the last time it was just tyler and me. haha it was weird sitting across from him though... hard to talk.
then we ventured to walmart where we walked around for hours trying to find something entertaining. I hate to say it but the only thing that grasped our attention for more that 3 minutes was the fish hahah.

i swear, walmart feeds their fish LSD, they just stop swimming for like 2 hours and float around with the current.
its really funny, until the other fish start to eat them.
then its hilarious!
just kidding, but seriously haaa.

i love the way fish look,
but in all honestly i cant stand them.
when i have them, all i want to do is get rid of them
they never die though so i'm out of luck!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

monetary value

i'm dooone searching for money for school.
i'd honestly rather work for every cent of my college expenses than sit here and give myself a massive headache with all the buuuulll about money for school. honestly there's so many fine print guidelines and exclusions i don't know if i'm eligable for any of them and i'm not going to go about writting 30 essays that will get me no where.
i am, however, excited to start at gateway next year.
i'm getting an associates in court reporting and
i'm so happy that i know what i'll be doing with my life.
the money isn't bad at all and the hours are perf.
i believe i'll be successful.
today, i bought a binder to organize college stuff.
now i carry around a small planner, a day to day calendar-notebook
(where i write down everything from homework to the things i eat),
a "to-do" college/ scholarship binder,
and the binder i use for my high school classes.
mama mia.
why did i chose to grow up so fast?

Monday, January 26, 2009

its all giving and taking

give me love and i'll bring it back to you.
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don't forget

our love is like a song, you can't forget it.
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i truly love demi lavato.
its just this thing, she has an amazing voice
and works her own little "look" so well.
plus she's friends with selena and i love her the most.
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how could you not?
she's entirely enviable.
new subject: today was great!
woke up sort of rotton-minded. i'm not really into the whole water weight deal so i've been pretty on the edge these past few days but i'm feeling a little more relaxed i guess. school was booooring but it somehow managed to pass rather quickly. tyler brought us subway which was a v sweet gesture (i'm in love!). we ate and watched a cinderella story and bedazzled before he had to leave. his brother and sister in law, whom i adore, brought home their baby- Parker- from Idaho yesterday and i'm so excited to meet him!
i need rest.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

coffee rush

gotta love their italian sodas and internet connection.
not to mention the atmosphere is always so comfortable.
its only 5 days until Ty and i have been together for a year; crazy!
i'm so thankful for him and the light he brings into my life.

last night we went to chyroarts and watched his friend's band play
(along with a few others that i know)
and they were suprizingly spectacular.
i'm sorry to say i wasn't expecting it, but wow! good job guys.
there was soo many people there that i knew.
good night in scottsdale!
i found this dress also, and i love it.
i can't quite figure out whats going on with the ribbon-purse (?) accesory in her hand.
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i lied, i'm actually pretty sure its part of the dress.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

girl, you got a ten piece, now don't be stingey.

i want to go shoooooppping.
i want clothes, clothes, clothes! why does nobody want to wake up and shop with me?
i found the most amazing thing in the world:

it has 5 calories per serving and there's 4 servings in a huuuge bottle.
it also tastes delicious and i'm in love.

tonight i think i'm going to a show with Tyler, Lisa, and Robbie
because his brother is playing somewhere haha, i think it sounds fun!
i also don't feel like cleaning up my room,
so i think i'll pay my sister 20 bucks to do it.
honestly, its bad.

GOOD NEWS! i think sydney is taking me shopping.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

its tragedy and it will only bring you down.

today was wonderful.
i love my friend's, family, boyfriend mk and a, and deca people.

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wanna be; you'll get over it.

i found my prom dress

its absolutely beautiful:

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if i got tan, i could just do my own blonde hair and look alright.

on another note, i'm pretty busted up right now.
cutting remarks aren't exactly an afternoon delight.
haaa, i'm afraid to cry with my eyes dialated...
but secretly, i'm about to.

the first time feeling

i guess that title doesn't necessarily apply because its not like this is my first blog.
i actually have several but thats okay, because this one is different.
plus the others are either old or specifically for my eyes only!
today is a rainy, sappy sadness, sweet slow-song day.
its rainy and cloudy but i love it.

i have to go to the eye doctor and i don't know how this is going to work out because i'm actually really sensitive about anyone going near either of my eyes.
I'm only getting glasses, i can't handle contacts.
since i am so into the whole "messy bun, barely-there make up, baggy plain shirts, skinny jeans and flip flops" (yeah you know that look? haha) i think glasses would be the perfect touch.

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wow, haha i might be just horrible at picking out glasses.
someone come with me so i don't make a fool out of myself?!
anyways, i hope this catches on and i might actually write in it.
i love blogs, i've just never had a laptop to spend time on.
now i have one and hours and hours a day to just sit on my butt
and spill my feelings to everyone.
this will get more personal i promise!
tonight is G-stock and i am noooooot excited except for the fact that it will be, well, over!