Sunday, January 25, 2009

coffee rush

gotta love their italian sodas and internet connection.
not to mention the atmosphere is always so comfortable.
its only 5 days until Ty and i have been together for a year; crazy!
i'm so thankful for him and the light he brings into my life.

last night we went to chyroarts and watched his friend's band play
(along with a few others that i know)
and they were suprizingly spectacular.
i'm sorry to say i wasn't expecting it, but wow! good job guys.
there was soo many people there that i knew.
good night in scottsdale!
i found this dress also, and i love it.
i can't quite figure out whats going on with the ribbon-purse (?) accesory in her hand.
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i lied, i'm actually pretty sure its part of the dress.

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