Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a diva?

well son, its a female version of a hustlaaaa.

thats where we're hiking today!
maybe not, its just what came up when i typed
Superstition Mountain into google
so if your uber-experienced mind knows i'm wrong...
keeeep it to yourself!

i'm really excited! i never do anything like this.
i got to skip school today,
which is probably a good thing,
my stomach almost killed me last night.

we went to wing night, though!
it was great, i don't remember the last time it was just tyler and me. haha it was weird sitting across from him though... hard to talk.
then we ventured to walmart where we walked around for hours trying to find something entertaining. I hate to say it but the only thing that grasped our attention for more that 3 minutes was the fish hahah.

i swear, walmart feeds their fish LSD, they just stop swimming for like 2 hours and float around with the current.
its really funny, until the other fish start to eat them.
then its hilarious!
just kidding, but seriously haaa.

i love the way fish look,
but in all honestly i cant stand them.
when i have them, all i want to do is get rid of them
they never die though so i'm out of luck!

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