Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tyler D. Lovell

its been one year today, love.
i remember every minute of it,
i've never felt anything like i did the first time we kissed.
i'll try to keep this less mushy so the public can handle it,
but sometimes i can't help myself, ha!

i've learned so much this year.
so much about myself,
the things i'm looking for in life,
everything i'm capable of
and everything i am blessed with.
there's been trials, but from those trials
i've learned more than i ever could have otherwise.
i learned about living unselfishly,
keeping things positive no matter what,
if not for me, for the sake of someone i care deeply about.
i've learned about how you can't hide your accountinance,
that its worth making the full lifestyle change,
and that there are many things simply overlooked
that matter deeply in making impressions on people.
i've learned to trust many people i never would have put forth the effort to trust.

i'm so thankful for such a beautiful relationship that brings this light into my life.

i wish it wouldn't take pages and pages to describe to someone
a fraction of the kindness i recieve from Tyler.
he is truely one of the greatest people i have ever met.
he stops at nothing make sure that i am nothing short of completely satisfied.
he is a strong, handsome, endearing boy and i wouldn't be the same without him.
i see these forwards, listing the millions of things girls look for in boys.
everything from edward cullen
to someone you who couldn't be better with kids.
i laugh, because honestly there is not one thing i look for in a significant other that Tyler doesn't excell it.
he's protective, patient, caring, kind, trustworthy to the max, thoughful, smart, athletic, passionate, wonderful with people of all ages... the list goes on and on.
him, along with everyone in his life (i.e. his incredible family) has helped me to grow and discover things about myself that i never knew were there.
aside from my family, they're the first ones i run to when i get a good grade or something happens at work.
its a beautiful thing, having these wonderful people behind me every step of the way.
every song, smell, taste, saying, thought in my mind brings me back to Tyler.
he is truely one of the best thing in my life.
i love you, babe
always and forever

(ps, i have a note just for you sweetie, you'll get it in the morning!)
Happy One Year!

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  1. Aw. That gave me goosebumbs!
    You guys are the cutest couple in the world!