Sunday, February 1, 2009


i have the worlds sweetest boyfriend, hands down.
our one year was amazing and it was all thanks to him
and everything he's done for me.
ohh, i am one lucky girl!
i know i already wrote on this,
but i can't believe that after a year we're still so close
without an effort, the connection is always just there.
its weird for me, because i mean...
when have i ever had a normal relationship?
haha, i mean one that lasts more that 1 week.

i'm so thankful for that, and i'm so glad that its been with my best friend.
i love you tyler!

superbowl sunday today, should i be excited?
i am, but just as much as i would be for liiike...
payday or something haha.
but i'll probably be more into it when the time comes!
pictures later, i'm lazy.

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