Thursday, February 12, 2009

vegan virgin valentine.

i'm so excited for my senior pictures.
i know its already been blogged about,
but you're just going to hear it oooone more time.
i can't wait to have kelsea take pictures of me!
the whole thing will just be a blast, i know it :)
i get a new dressss too. I'm using it for the states competition and the pictures.
te gusta?
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i do!
i'm actually not physically getting this dress but its my "ideal" dress.

I went to Gateway Community College last night for a tour.
Yes, its in the ghetto but I'm so excited to go there.
I'm excited for the classes and the knowledge and just the accomplishment.

I can't wait to get away from Gilbert high.
I don't know how to say this without sounding like a brat buuuut..
people hate me. alot.
I really, really can't figure it out! honest.
it doesn't bug me anymore because i have never strived to win any of their affection
but i can literally hear them talking behind my back at school constantly.
everything I say is taken into account and turned around to make me sound stupid.
I just don't see them having a legit reason?
these are people i've never talked to or hung out with before and they have such serious opinions about me and obviously feel that hatred towards me is pretty dang necessary.
I wish i knew why.
I would never guarentee a change, I love myself the way I am...
It'd just be interesting to know the reason for the dirty looks and comments I've gotten on a daily basis for the last 3 years.
anyways, if you know the big conspiracy, just tell me.
i don't care, write it in my truth box, scream it in my facee? just let me know.
thanks :)

there's some weird things and memories that have been haunting me lately.
i feel its very one-sided though, which is fine but embarrassing to admit.
i wish they would go away.
thats all i can say.

i am so proud of myself for my success at the gymmm.

tomorrow is friday the 13th... my last name is going to have a field day i bet.
i'm gonna leave school early i bet. i have so much to do.
i am extremely excited for v-day though!
i obviously can't say much because Tyler reads this but its going to be really really fun.
I am, sybolicly (HA!), reading VEGAN VIRGIN VALENTINE, so i must go.
its wonderful.

(this is where i was planning on posting some lyrics.
on second thought, they were rather morbid and i have no replacement.)

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