Monday, February 16, 2009

boom, boom, boom, boom.

today was a really good holiday!
we woke up early, but its a good thing we did because we were busy allll day.
last night i went to a lock-in at emily's church.
i knew it was going to be interesting but it was seriously, alot of fun!
not like, OH MY GOSH I CANT CONTAIN MY ENTHUSIASM fun, (no offence hahaha)
but definitely meet new people and sleep on a concrete floor in skinny jeans fun!
i'm really glad i was invited!
i got my eyebrows done and bought hair dye so i look semi-decent for my sr pictures!
we went to mills mall.
i haven't been there foreveeer!
i definitely wasn't disappointed though!
we tried on beautiful bodacious prom dresses for hours.
i had to work at 3 so we went on a drive, which i lurv.
Kara and Rylee came in and we had a good talk with goooood pizza.
muy bueno.
Went to the gym, moderate work out but i had fun!
my outfit was borderline though, haha i don't know what to think of it!

i got to see my Tyler today!
its been like 48 hrs, i was dying folks ;p
had some good conversation with him, he's such a good boy.
not even just a good boyfriend (he's an AMAZING ONE)
but really just an awesome kid. he's definitely one of my top 3 heros in life.

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