Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentines day etc

valentines day was the best!
i didn't even think it could compare to last years,
last valentines was one of THE most special days of my life :)
but ooooh, this year was incredibile.
the night before i had made a fruit pizza and it turned out soo good.
here's a picture of that
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(i was so proud!)
i had to work at 8 so i brought it over veeery early in the morning and he came and got it. I also had a monkey with "love u 4 eva" enscribed on it, hahahah. and a caaard! it was all so cute.
later, we started out the night around 5 because i had to work and Ty had some stuff to do around his house. i met him at my house when i got off and he showed up with the most beautiful roses in a vase and a card he made! it was soo cute.
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then, to add to it, there was a picture inside of the most beaaaautiful ring ever!
my promise ring :)
it hasn't arrived yet and i'm really bad at desciding what ring size i should use so its not on but i have a picture!
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so. gorgeous.
and so cute, i'm really happy to have it.

yesterday was also my mom's birthday (i love you, momma v!) so we headed out with the fam to PF Changs. It was a really good time with everyone there :) we ate like everything!
we stopped home to open presents and such with my mom, which was nice.
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Tyler and i promised to take her out to lunch and a movie as our present haha what could be better?!
we actually did really similar things for each other last valentines day!
these pictures are a year apart. i love them!
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many more to come :)
after all that was finished, we headed out on a drive. we wanted to walk along mill and tempe town lake, but we never made it there? haha i don't know how. we busted out the tunes; good charlotte, new found glory, the format, taylor swift, etc. and tried to park somewhere we weren't allowed to, pissed alot of people off who were driving and almost died a few times! haha but nothing too serious. i had so much fun! when we were too turned around to do much about it, i told Tyler about how i really wanted to go find President Barack Obama because i love him.
he's really, really ridiculously good looking. he's somewhere in a hotel in phoenix as we speak and i'm just itching to see him haha.
we then headed downtown to where the nba all star game jam thingy is and scoured through the crowds of people trying to find My President, but we kind of failed miserably :) but theeeen we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in this allyway where there was a bunch of huuuge buses and vans speeding past and they looked like tourbusses for celebrities but they said "SHERIF" all over them haha like the police force sherif? so we descided that was as close to Barack as we were going to get that night and gave up down town.
we drove back, down to QT of course and a few other stops along the way. by this point i was far too tired to much of anything. as a matter of a fact i could hardly keep my head from falling to my feet so it was time to go home :) tonight was incredible!
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