Tuesday, February 3, 2009

workin' on my fitness!

woohoo! i finally got my gym membership.
emily and i are so fierce, for real.
i think i have a new obsession, and this one is socially acceptable!
well, socially understandable to a certain extent haha.
i feel wonderful.
am i lame? yes. everyone that works out acts like this at first.
i wish i could "File: Save" this ish so that i could upload it every day for the next 15 months...!
if you have a membership at FW, let me know.
and we'll "get it on."
(I was talking about the gym, i am so not a raper!)
plus, Ty is getting a 3 mo. membership before his mish so we can work out thide by thide
love, love, love.

aaaalso, i figured out more college things!
i'm very excited, i can't wait to get on my feet and make my own real $$$.
plus emily's mom is my VFP today and might possibly get me a summer job?
if not, i understand but seriously it might save my life hahahaha
okay, not save my life but maybe atleast take some stress off.

and if this wasn't great enough,
Ty helped me (after a V awkward EX-ual encounter, mind you haa!)
pick out 3 pairs of athletic shorts, 2 tanks, and perfect running shoes
for $30.12
bueno day overall.

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