Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i'm sick.
i could go on and on about it but i'll spare you the deets.
its horrid but i think i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
maybe its just the sunlight,
because i actually have found it impossible to sneeze without running to the window
and looking straight into the sun.
this is great and all, no one likes to lose a sneeze mid-nose tingle.
i'm pretty sure i had the most distraught look on my face when i ran
to the window just as the sun went behind a tree on the golf course by my work...
no more relief tonight.

so, i'm pretty obsessed with smartwater right now.
its only a buck for the HUGE 33 oz bottle at target so i got on that.
i, like... crave it. i had 3 yesterday and two today.
which reminds me:
free pancake day! i indulged, sadly enough.
actually for once i don't regret it.
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tell me you could resist that. priceless.
i didn't think so.

these past few days have gone fast.
as of yesterday, Ty can turn in his mission papers!
he's almost all set, just a few things to wrap up and they're off!
i'm soo proud of him.
every time i come across a missionary
or hear his recite his sales pitch (which happens alot! sweetheart :p )
i can't help but think what an
adorable, successful, handsome, strong missionary he's going to be.
he is so good at standing up for what he believes in
and he never gives up when things get hard.
i can't wait for him to get out there on the field and do his thing.
he'll definitely be recieving maaany letters from me.
also, since we're on the subject he got a new job!
he's going to be doing great and the pay is steady and hours are goood.
now i gotta get on a new one!
it'll be sad to leave Carousel, i still adore that job.
when the time comes to leave, it'll happen.
that opportunity was honestly the greatest blessing to me, i can't explain it.

since i was sick last week i've missed soo much school.
i really wish i had insane motivation to make it up... i don't actually.
i'll get good enough grades and i can't WAIT for college next year,
but as for right now... i don't really want to be there whatsoever.

the months pass by so quickly, its going to be summer before we know it!
i need a new bathing suit, and a cover up i decided.
and menos diez libra... cien y cinco es muy bueno.

what really grinds my gears today though?
the fact that Tom is a jerk
and he decided to change myspace mobile so i can no longer read bulletins?
well technically i can but only the first 3 words? maybe less.
honestly? why. what is the point of that?
how does he profit?
what am i supposed to do all day in my classes?
this isn't fair. i swear if he doesn't fix it soon... i will be so mad.
atleast i have facebook...

staying in tonight, no escuela tomorrow.
thats what i like to hear.

house, medium, lie to me, nyquil, done.

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