Sunday, February 22, 2009

i'll be your distraction

i really, really wish i had the money to dress nice.
like, J. Crew Gap Banana Republic Ralph Lauren nice, in Calvin Klein undies.
but i don't.
plus, you'd have to completely disreguard that i go to gilbert's ghetto high school
where sweatpants and hoodies with the occasional jeans are a pretty set dress code.
i hate being in high school, hate it.
especially in mine.

emily and i went to the outlets yesterday!
it was really fun, we couldnt buy anything though...
anything except I HEART BARACK SHIRTS!
he is so good looking hahahaha.

i'm getting sick.
thanks everyone.

i was going to blog about Chris and Rihanna because i think thats what these are for, you know. but i'm afraid that if i said how i really feel, people would get mad at me.
actually oh well, i'm over it.

basically, i think R is psycho to begin with BUT even though i think she deserved a good swift punch in the face, it probably shouldn't have come from C. the case that they are presenting is full of lies and exagerations. even the picture doesn't look as bad as they say it does. if you look
past the fact that her lip is swollen, she probably doesn't even have black eyes. it looks like she's been crying and they're puffy but honestly... i don't know. i can't even exlpain it without everyone thinking i condone domestic violence.
i don't whatsoever, thats not my point.
my point is that i'm sorry rihanna got hit but she isn't cooperating at all. doesn't the law state innocent until proven guilty? then why did all the radio stations stop playing chris's music without knowing whether or not it was even legit?
i just think if R really wants to make a stand then she needs to get her story straight.
what, what.

oh! and i'll post senior pictures laaater, i'm actually dying right now.
they turned out freaking amazing and i had a really good afternoon with Kelsea and Tyler!
i can't wait to get the rest.

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  1. i'm not really familiar at all with the whole rihanna affair (we don't watch much tv around here). but as far as the law and the radio stations go, they have nothing to do with one another so they can refuse to play his music or do whatever they want on it. think first amendment, but instead of freedom of speech, freedom of refraining from speech.
    either way, whether he's guilty or not, it's pretty obvious that the american media likes to make a huge deal out of every little thing. but ya'll knew that!

    more importantly, i loved your senior pictures that i saw on fb.