Tuesday, January 27, 2009

monetary value

i'm dooone searching for money for school.
i'd honestly rather work for every cent of my college expenses than sit here and give myself a massive headache with all the buuuulll about money for school. honestly there's so many fine print guidelines and exclusions i don't know if i'm eligable for any of them and i'm not going to go about writting 30 essays that will get me no where.
i am, however, excited to start at gateway next year.
i'm getting an associates in court reporting and
i'm so happy that i know what i'll be doing with my life.
the money isn't bad at all and the hours are perf.
i believe i'll be successful.
today, i bought a binder to organize college stuff.
now i carry around a small planner, a day to day calendar-notebook
(where i write down everything from homework to the things i eat),
a "to-do" college/ scholarship binder,
and the binder i use for my high school classes.
mama mia.
why did i chose to grow up so fast?

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