Thursday, January 22, 2009

the first time feeling

i guess that title doesn't necessarily apply because its not like this is my first blog.
i actually have several but thats okay, because this one is different.
plus the others are either old or specifically for my eyes only!
today is a rainy, sappy sadness, sweet slow-song day.
its rainy and cloudy but i love it.

i have to go to the eye doctor and i don't know how this is going to work out because i'm actually really sensitive about anyone going near either of my eyes.
I'm only getting glasses, i can't handle contacts.
since i am so into the whole "messy bun, barely-there make up, baggy plain shirts, skinny jeans and flip flops" (yeah you know that look? haha) i think glasses would be the perfect touch.

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wow, haha i might be just horrible at picking out glasses.
someone come with me so i don't make a fool out of myself?!
anyways, i hope this catches on and i might actually write in it.
i love blogs, i've just never had a laptop to spend time on.
now i have one and hours and hours a day to just sit on my butt
and spill my feelings to everyone.
this will get more personal i promise!
tonight is G-stock and i am noooooot excited except for the fact that it will be, well, over!

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