Monday, February 7, 2011

waste not

so here's to another week of atempting to eat healthy.
FORTUNATELY, this time i have a super handsome partner ;)
though, i have some different stipulations than he does...
obviously he's a little bigger than me and that puts us on a different path from the begining.
for example, his caloric intake should be around 3,200 while mine could stand to be 2,000 less haha

to be honest, my main goal for this week is to use up my groceries.
i've said it before and i'll say it again a million times, FOOD IS SO EXPENSIVE.
ridiculously expensive.
especially when you're living "alone" and not sharing the ingredients with anyone else... cooking for anyone else... like, what is there to make? that keeps?
not to mention i'm literally always on the go and i can't eat the food in my fridge when i'm in chandler/phoenix/mesa/scottsdale.
i usually resort to eating out (ca-chinggg)
grabing caffiene @ starbucks/ in energy drinks (CA-CHINGGG$$$$)
or, on a good day, purchasing groceries. guhh, even then though...

take today for example:
-cottage cheese (4 servings) $2
-yogurt (8 servings) $3
-a case of water (24 bottles) $3
-apples (2) $1
-oranges (3) $1
-*blue monsters (10) $10
*OBVIOUSLY monsters are terrible for me, i'm trying to cut back, i promise! but when the cans are on sale buy-10-get-each-can-for-$1 and the previously mentioned alternative is starbucks/gas station for $4+, i'm taking advantage of the situation.

i'm really proud of myself for two things....
one, i hate water and i purchased water! i even drank 3 today! and refilled them for an inexpensive future investment. i hate water so much, purified/tap water doesn't even matter to my mind. its still disgusting... but a necessity, obviously. it hurts my stomach, but i need to drink it anyways. honestly, since i have been bouncing between eating like a "normal" american and eating healthy, my apetite is insane. i can't get full. yesterday during the superbowl party @ the millers, i literally kept a hand to mouth movement going for a good 6 hours.
six hours! no one needs that much of an intake heheh, but thank you to the millers! the food was delicious and i'm so thankful for you guys <3

two, the total was over $32, but i'm a very good grocery shopper and i saved like %35 on things that i will definitely consume with time.

this brings me back to my first point. i spend 19 dollars on food that could feed me for atleast 3 days. i do this every day. SO, the point is i have like 20x the amount of groceries that i need. when i got home from the grocery store, i was putting the groceries away and i saw that i have not one, not two, but FOUR cartons of cottage cheese. whaaaaat? no. not only that, but atleast 10-12 servings of yogurt, a ton of fresh fruit, some fresh veggies, tuna, peanut butter, 2 cartons of egg whites, and the list goes on.

point is, i have so much GOOD food.
my goal for this week, from this moment on, is to not purchase food.
-no produce
-no candy (definitely no candy... i probably spent 20 bucks on candy alone this last weekend)
-no beverages (klay and i realized just how expensive beverages are, any kind! its ridic! you would never think that so much of your money is spent on liquid.)

i need to spend the next 5 days only consuming the food in my fridge, get my money's worth and stay on the path of eating healthy. my wallet and my energy levels will thank me at the end of the week!

next up, exercise..............
i am no no good at exercise, lets just bask in the light of healthy eating for a minute and put the exercise aside. blegh. runnin' N liftin' N shtuff.

i'm drinking water! yaaaay.

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