Wednesday, March 3, 2010

guess what i had today?

do you have any idea how long it has been since my last diet doctor pepper?

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months. months, and months and months.
especially since i started working out, caffiene, carbonation and sodium have had to be cut.
makes me tired, makes me weak, makes me dehydrated, makes me slow.

when i got my gymbership, i vowed that i would work out in the morning before school from about 6-7, but of course that never happened. don't get me wrong, i am daaaamn proud of my progress fitness-wise, and we all knew i wasn't looking to have a 5:45am-11:45pm 18 hour day (even though i pretty much do reguardless).
today, since i have school from 8-1 and work from 1-7, i knew that i'd have to forgo the gym unless i wanted to go super late or uber early aaaand due to the fact that i'm scared to push off the gym in fear that i will never go back, i took the morning shift.
i was still sore from the night before and probably really dehydrated but i made it through!
yeah. i did.
and anyone from my past (meaning about a month ago) is like, huh? keisha can run?
i can. i can run and run and run. i am not, however, a fan of the thoughts that run through my head when i run. they're like dreams and i happen to dream about things that i'd rather not think about. running is, however, an amazing release.
i love the feeling during a run, the state of mind i get into after i run (completely oblivious) and the way i feel the rest of the day.
i have yet to see physical progress, which is discouraging but i'm hoping for within the next week!
we'll see on spring break when we head down to california.

anyways, all fitness logs aside, i'm just really glad that i got to have my diet doctor pepper ♥

ps i love you THIS:

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