Tuesday, March 9, 2010

allergic :(

wouldn't you know that me, the one who never gets sick (i'm not complaining other than the fact that i never get a day off because i don't have an honest "sick day" excuse), the one who has a tollerance for absolutely everything, is the one who is allergic to the most necessary element of a person's intake: water.
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i LOVE water, especially at night but it is impossible for me to drink it.
i throw up. EVERYWHERE. and just as soon as i come up with, "hey maybe its not as bad as i think it is, i can handle some water, i drink it and vomit."
ie. today at work.
i worked out half my work out, was feeling pretty good, majorly parched when i decided i could drink a liter of water. what i really should have decided is that i may NOT partake of that... i was tagging in a huge order of clothes when i threw up everywhere. all over the wall, all over the trash can. as if this hasn't happened to me a million times before :( its so embarrassing.

how, may you ask, can i be allergic to water? my doctor says it has something to do with the way my stomach reacts to the minerals in most water. i am fine with smart water, but other than that it has to be in very small doses or in the form of another drink (poweraid zero is my passion). this was all meant to be more informative that complain-y but i really do wish i could drink water without worrying about how i'm going to react to it. sometimes i literally HAVE to drink it, knowing that i'll most likely end up feeling super sick :/ mmm

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