Sunday, March 21, 2010

chocolat ♥

today couldn't have been any better, and i love spendin' sunday afternoons with my man!
agh! so handsome :))
we walked around discovery park and talked about dogs, like we always do hahaha this weekend was just what i needed. rest and relaxation mixed with GREAT food, low key activities such as shopping in scottsdale, a brunch with the Miller's and their awesome neighbors, a spring training game between the cubs & the A's and laying out by the pool. i'm so blessed to spend my time with such an amazing person, i couldn't be more grateful!
thank you for spending your weekend with me, klay! i love you!

we ended the night right by making a chocolate cake


simple yet scrumptious!

oh! before i forget, we did end up going out to the candy shop i mentioned in a previous post. it was located out in phoenix, and the name of it is Smeeks. it was so cute, but the candy was sooo expensive! it wasn't about the candy so much as the brilliant and precious novelties they were selling. i must have saw "awh, oh my gosh, i love this!" about a million times! definitely a good place to visit if you're in the area *phoenix
aaaand if you do happen to stop by, DEFINITELY check out the boutique "frances" next door. they have free people clothing and tom's shoes, but my favorites would definitely be the accessories and the HUGE collection of incredible greeting cards. i could have sat and read them for hours. they even had a tin of incredibly clever "i love you" post cards that i don't even know how to describe. i consider myself rather picky when it comes to cards and the message they display but i was very impressed by their selection.

on a side note, the weather this break has been nonstop gorgeous. i feel compelled to spend every minute in the sun, soaking it up! i've never felt so refreshed, i really needed this time off and i wouldn't have spent it any other way!

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