Saturday, March 6, 2010

dinner date

"ultra sleek, ultra urban."
thank you,
emma for referring us to this restaurant!
we love to take "adventures" when we go on our dates so i'm really glad that she told us about FEZ!
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its located in central phoenix, so it was beautiful to drive through the city at night, passed first friday, museums, the science center and chase field! it reminds me how much i love to live in gilbert, az. such a pleasing environment to grow up in, and very close to the entertainment of chandler, phoenix and scottsdale.

the food at fez was so good, we had a bruchetta platter with chibata burgers and garlic fries- SO worth being super full for the rest of the day! i've been craving a good, real meal for so long.

after dinner, we headed back to his parents with makenna and miguel for a game of pool, dark chocolate m&ms and a movie night!
oh Titanic ♥
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"i'll never let go jack, i promise."

watching this after so long brought back a million memories from, oh about third grade? what a lovesick youngin' i was. i swear, i could watch this movie over and over again.

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