Sunday, January 16, 2011

best i eva had

speaking of silly sick days....

i love my very very best friend! we've been besties since birth/aka about the time we graduated from gilbert high school (i know, i can't believe that was less than two years ago either. yikes @ high school!) my life has changed more in those two years than it did it the previous 10. she knows me and mY sToRy bettta than any one else ever could.
we're so different. we probably couldn't be more different now that i think about it, but we're 100% all the things best friends should be. i can count on her for anything from an emergency clothes-borrow to a late night run to buffalo wild wings. i know every best friend pair thinks that they are the funniest... BUT WE LITERALLY ARE. its hard for me to write this blog because as well as we have each other/us figured out, its not something i'd like to share in black and white, thats the fun of being makenna & keisha.

i love my best friend she's the strongest, sexiest sheila out there and you know it too.

i love you makenna faythe dale, best friends FOREVER & EVA!
i'm sorry this took eons for me to post, but how much can i really say? we just R what we R
just kidding everyone, if there's one thing you should know about us, its that we HATE ke$ha. that is all.

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