Wednesday, September 22, 2010

special delivery for kaitlyn williams wright:

there's so many things on my to-do list right now. everything from washing my hair (everyone at work thinks i'm nuts for putting that down on my lengthy weekly to-do lists but when you're only washing your hair like once a week, a girl can forget!) to taking my vitamins, to going to school.... which i'm the worst at.

i seriously haven't been to school in ____ days. i'm not going to fill that in because i'm beyonddd embarrassed of what a slacker i've been. so unmotivated and i DON'T KNOW WHY. probably because i'm human so i cherish money and instant gratification so i'd rather work than go to school. which is stupid, i'm smarter than that. but i'm so happy! and soo capable of fitting school into my schedule.

so maybe i'll make a virtual to-do list and that will help me because its so darn public, i just can't slack off.


-go to school

-save your money

-contradicting buuut buy cute scarves and cardigans @ h&m to stock up for winter

-take your fish oil pills and your face medication every daaay!

-get your hair trimmed

-take off your acrylics (omg, so much over growth, my nails grow WAY too fast, i'd have to get them filled every week for it to be worth 30 bucks)

-go to the gym 5x a week

-eat healthy (i am doing better! no more fast food)

-write this all down because you'll forget and it makes you feel good to cross things off!

-clean your car

-do your laundry (sorry aub! i'm so embarrassed by how its piling up)

-read and pray every day/night

-wash your hair

i am proud of what i have accomplished though

-landed a great job that i love, work hard for my money and am definitely paid off for it!

-saved alot of money lately, but was able to treat myself to nice things like a new watch and summm klothez.

-took off sundays @ work so i can definitely make it to church!

-prioritzed and decided some things for my future.

alright, in just a minute i'm going to get a head start on that.


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  1. Thanks so much! i cam so glad I could motivate you to blog TWICE. now if only I could motivate myself! Briguy and Iwill have to try firebirds when we are in AZ! love ya girl!