Thursday, September 23, 2010


as always, i'm continuing my "healthy eating" kick, but in a new way, so here goes day one number 1,209.

i'm trying really hard to stay on track, and suprizingly its getting easier. usually with a diet, you start out stoked to stick with it and lose weight, but by the second week (or, for me, 2 hours in to it) you're drained, bored and craving like mad. welp, this isn't a diet in the first place because the only thing i'm restricting are foods specifically bad for me. foods that will weigh me down and negatively affect my daily life. i'm a busy busy girl, and i need the energy to get through my daily grind. i really can't afford to be sluggish and lazy. especially at work. i refuuuse to eat lunch there on my shift because i become EXHAUSTED for the second half of my day. i don't mean a little behind, i mean like eyes closing, nodding off etc. our food is so so good but its heavy and perfect for eating right before you head to bed hahaha.

all this aside, i just love how eating healthy makes me feel. i don't think many people realize just how affected they are by the things they eat! i love that i have a rather broad knowledge on the subject from losing weight in my younger years and i'm thankful for the fact that i now know my body so well, that i can have that leeway that allows me to indulge without setting me back.

this is what i had for breakfast today:

it was deliciouuus.

egg white omlet on try toast with salsa, fresh spinach and fresh cut mushrooms.

i wish that i could go into a career dealing with either nutrition or culinary arts but i have absolutely NO desire to complete the schooling that it takes to get into that industry. i have thought about teaming up with someone and opening a cafe or something. i don't know, i just know alot about food and i LOVE to eat, so i feel like iknow what goes good together.

like right now i'm eating high fiber strawberry and cream oatmeal with 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt.
its heaven. i just thought of it on my way home from school because i'm already so hungry.

SO good and less than 180 calories, but it fills you up like crazy.

i'm excited for tomorrow! i get to go hiking with Klay's wonderful mommma and his ADORABLE nephew Karson! up at 6 am is totally worth it to hang out with these two, they're definitely some of my favorite people ever!
i don't know where we're going or anything of that nature but i'll be sure to snap some photographs of the hike and the little guy!

i can't believe its almost fall!
in about 1 month you can find klay and i riding our bicycles all around every where because we love them, but its been soo hot since we bought them in july, we've only been able to ride them 2x.
klaybear, i am going to ride my bicycle to your house every day, that can be my fitness routine because i'm not too good at the gym... just kidding! we can do both!
but really. i'm riding my bicycle to your house. or you can meet me half way!

i love how in shape i get during the winter so that i can show it off in all my layers, baggy sweaters, jeans, boots and scarves...! not.

ps lovin' these! getting them todaaay:

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