Thursday, September 2, 2010

you're my best friend

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i want these bridesmaid dresses, i really really want them!
obviously a little higher in the back, but i'm in love. these are the colors i've already picked out for the wedding i'm having... the one that doesn't exist yet! other than in my mind.
thats gotta count for something, though... am i right?

so, so much has happened lately. i don't even recall the last time i've posted.
i've moved out with some amazing girls from my ward!

started a new job @ Firebirds Woodfire Grill in Chandler
(seriously GO THERE. on a date. its delicious.)

and about a week ago, i began my second year at Gateway Community College.

i bought this yesterday!
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love it.

i have a lot of important changes to make in my life, and i'm ready to do so.
not exactly changes, but moderate improvements. i hoenstly feel like there is always so much room for self improvement in my life, inside and out and i love to set goals, meet them, make more goals and strive to reach them as well.
yep, now you're all caught up and i'm ready to go!

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