Thursday, December 10, 2009

and its you <3

ah, the semester is almost over! i'm ecstatic. as of two days ago, i wasn't even remotely excited because of how hard i've slacked since about october... yeah, it was bad. i had no idea how i was going to pick it up and keep going but i can honestly say it made me appreciate being in school and the benefits of financial aid more than i ever would have otherwise. i got everything figured out and i'm set to retake a really important class next semester. i honestly feel that it will benefit me in the future.
i'm so happpppy!
if there's one thing i hate more than major set backs, its minor setbacks.
i mean this is all aspects of my life right now. i know i have the strength to overcome them though, so i'll keep trudging alot until i make it passed.

i took my english final today, which i did not, nor did i expect to, do well on but i passed the class! i know the shtuff, i just despise english classes that don't pertain directly to writing. from here on out, until 2010, i am only required to attend two more class periods, both medical terminology. i definitely, definitely still have my woman card (we have those right? like men have their man cards?) when i passed my med term quiz on the female reproductive system today, 100%
look at me, studyin' awaaay
i just crack that class up with my ways to remember the word parts. i wont even go in to anything medical but here's an example:

"metr/o = metro park = scottsdale mall = the other day at sd mall, there was a bunch of overdrressed girls resembling lady gaga= LADY gaga = ladies have a uterus
so metr/o = uterus."

on my favorite note:
i'm obsessed with this photo, on the background of my phone it looks absolutely dreamy baahaha
even i'm jealous of us!

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