Thursday, December 24, 2009


3 things i need that i will not be recieving for christmas so shall buy for myself:

pointy-toed flats from f21
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a nice watch
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to reward myself for taking my piercing out... and i've wanted this one for soooo long.
someday soon!

2 dwarf/ teacup bunny babiessss <3
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come onnn, i already have a hut, bunny foooood, sawdust, a food bowl, a water bottle and the names picked out!
does anyone know someone who breeds them around here?

ps. good news! i don't need to worry about a new years dress, because i bought the perfect one today.
and pajama shorts!
i love christmas shopping.

mmm, christmas eve is almost over, i've gotten everything done that i need to,
so bring on the 2 hrs and 15 minutes til christmas!

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