Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i want, i want, i want

to wear tights, boots and oversized shirts for the rest of my life.
to move on.
to not feel so sick when i try to eat correctly.
to not complain so daang much.
to cuddle all winterday.
it to be christmas time, sorry thanksgiving but i'm just not feelin' a connection between us.
to know who reads my blogs that i wouldn't expect.
to do a photoshoot.
to move out, and dedicate my time to interior decorating.
my paycheck.
makenna to come home.
not to have to go to court next week.

"i need to be bold,
need to jump in the cold water,
need to grow older with a boy like you.

say you want the same things too, say you feel the way i do."

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