Sunday, November 8, 2009

i feeel goooood,

i feel alright!
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wooooot, good sunday for suuure!
this weekend was insanity.
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(i'm not naked)
and by "this weekend," i mean thursday night.
i feel like i'm 50 years old and the smallest piece of mischief just takes it all out of me. i was so tempted to stay in bed all friday and saturday.
i kiiinda did, kept it low key and klaassyyyy with klay <3>
i also worked long, long hours. i'm not complaining though, because i brought a nice blanket, my pillow and 5 christmas movies so i could lay under my table @ the cleaners and watch them so comfortably.
i love my job.
(ps don't get confused, i'm a durrrn good worker and i get the job done)
i feel like from this post you may get the impression that i live my life laying down haaaa.

i have a love for coffee rush that nonaya could understand.
i'm in the best blogging mindset posted up in my corner over here, and i don't even want to heaaaar your cliche notions about it.

katy's wedding is this weekend!!
soo unbelievably excited and honored to participate.
hopefully i get some pictures with the wedding girl, because we don't exactly look like this anymore:

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yikes, on my part hahahah.

makenna is in hawaii, i miss her.
i also miss emily, so we're going to go on a drive and do other bonding activities to catch up on old times.
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i made a pretty playlist for my day today. i can't post it though, that would be too much insight into my mind.

so scatter brained. 8 shots of espresso is my weakness. shh.
i'm an espressoholic. i need help.

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